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Of compliments, comments and criticism

Seeing through the Cs in life and giving an appropriate reaction to them will help us stay afloat on the sea of life

The buzzing of my phone woke me up with a shudder. I dug in to see what had startled me at midnight and spotted 37 comments on a picture I posted. A couple of friends had turned the comments section into a debate on which brand of shoes was better. Anger welled up in me, but I let it be as I knew it was better to let them criticise each other and go back to sleep.

This midnight hassle left me wondering how people deal with criticism. I woke up the next morning with the realisation of how important it is to digest the 3 Cs — compliments, comments, and criticism — in our daily lives.

Compliments are sugar candies that can make your day, but beware too many candies can lead to cavities. Compliments surely bring a smile on my face, but they can also hype you up for something you are not. Once I had solved a complicated maths problem and received a fine number of compliments on how smart I was. This pushed me to go to the next test unprepared and the paper kicked that smile right of me. I wasn’t a big brain after all. Don’t let the sugar candies let your tongue go numb out of sweetness. Appreciate and pour gratitude, but never let it get into your head.

Comments are usually what many think are under Instagram or YouTube posts, but if you rip the social media mask off, they simply are the suggestions and opinions we receive. Some opinions are easy to understand, while others turn to be hurting our egos. They could either help us or hurt us depending on how you treat it. Learn from it and before doing so, soften your ego and accept them.

Unmindful criticism is heavily upsetting. It is like a fast bowler hurling bouncers at you, and the best way is to duck and avoid them. Wrongful judgments are never to be accepted, and trying to hit a six off a fast bouncer is not recommended.

Seeing through the Cs in life and giving an appropriate reaction to them will help us stay afloat on the sea of life.

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