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Music and the mind

Do you select all the songs you want to listen, create a playlist, and start listening?

It’s just that I see people around me and try to analyse what makes them succeed or fail in life and try to assess a success formula that can work often. But the more I tried to analyse, the more complicated it became. Finally, I thought that everyone has a success formula. What works for one might not work for another. But we can always try to see what didn’t work for another and adjust it in a way that it works for us.

Today, I will tell you my playlist analogy. I have realised that broadly there are three types of music listeners as far as I can cluster largely. One, who selects all the songs to listen to already, creates a playlist, and starts listening. Two, who choose the songs one after the other. Whenever the song is about to end, they start searching for a new song. Three, who searches for the new song after it ends.

You be the judge of which group fits you the most . But take a minute and ask yourself which type enjoys the most and which type you actually want to be.

The first types are those who have all the clarity in their life. They know what they want, where they are heading, what they will get. More or less, they are clear about the things in their life. All they can do to spice things up is to use the shuffle button. This is if they want to join an MBA course, then choosing and getting a college is like a shuffle button in their lives. Not only the endpoints, the means through which they reach those points are also more or less clear for them.

These are the people who are mature enough to understand the things and foresee their futures. Overall, I can say confidently that they will enjoy the song completely.

The second types are those who take things a bit slow. They start searching for the next direction once they are at the end of the tunnel. It’s more like thinking about the placements in the last semester. Suddenly, you realise that the grades are not more important than placements and strive for those. Not sure about placements, but grades too would be low for sure. These are the types that search for the answers once they realise they might face a problem. They then suddenly display the characteristics of the first types, and once they are out of it, comes back to their conventional type. I could say that they can't enjoy the last part of the song as they are busy searching for another song.

The third types are those who don’t care about things slow or fast because they don’t care about what’s coming. All they can think of is now. They only think about the solution once they face it. These are those daring or idiotic types who don’t care about the grades, placements or anything. The result can be of any extreme. Either they might fail hopelessly or succeed tremendously, but they are willing to take that chance. These are the types who are more agile, street smart or dumb compared with other types as they always try to face situations at the last minute. Believe me, one should be either highly confident about oneself or be a complete idiot to tackle these situations repeatedly. But I have a hunch that these types enjoy the song much better than others.

I don’t want to point out that one type is better than others. You are the better judge of that. Every type has positives and negatives of its own. All I’m saying is to assess yourself in which group you fit and in which group you actually want to fit. If that is the same, I’m extremely happy for you. If not, no problem, who cares about this theory anyway.

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