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Lost in the world of pick-up lines

The technical aspect of English that deals with ironies is always intriguing

To those of you who fell head over heels for the “You jump, I jump” dialogue of Jack and Rose from the Titanic in the 1990s but are craving for newer pick-up lines, I write:

We’ve learnt numerous times that applying scientific theories, laws and principles in our everyday life will make them embedded in our long-term memory. Bearing that thought in mind, I sat one day with a chemistry textbook of dancing equations and symbols before me, and voila! I witnessed my “eureka” moment. “The universe is expanding and so is my love for you, spontaneously.” Do you think anybody can forget the basics of the second law of thermodynamics after that?

Isaac Newton, as we all know, was a brilliant physicist and mathematician. What we didn’t know was that he was also a romantic in disguise, though an apple hit his head. The law of gravity being one of his greatest discoveries, opened my eyes to see the depth of its existence. “Even if there was no gravity, I’d still fall for you.”

Setting traps and watching friends unable to escape was an amusing memory of my frivolous childhood. The coincidence is that even itsy-bitsy spiders have fun trapping insects. But in their case they play the real game of Bloody Mary. Giving a subtle twist to that fact, “You’re the fly in my web of love; so there’s no escaping.”

While deeply engrossed in a skilfully penned novel, the majority of us have experienced a dark hour where we had to pause our reading to frantically search the dictionary to understand a foreign word. Who would’ve thought there could be so many words with so many meanings; so many feelings with no meanings at all? “You mean so much to me I forgot the meaning of myself without you.”

As vehicles from the opposite side of the road zoomed past, I sat in my car one evening, waiting for the never-ending traffic chaos to cool a bit. The visuals of impatient drivers, annoyed traffic policemen and careless underage motorcyclists had become a daily scene to witness. Waiting in traffic hence became boring, really boring. Funny it is to know that was the time my brain sought to search the limits of its creativity. “You better have a licence because you’re driving me crazy.”

The technical aspect of English that deals with ironies has always intrigued my inquisitive mind. The usage of such figures of speech adds crescendos to the language, transforming it into something magical and melodramatic to listen to. “Your silence is so deafening that when you speak everything suddenly goes quiet to me.”

Metaphorically, individual alphabets can be strung into a garland of fragrant words if given the right string of thought. By trying to enhance the romantic atmosphere of the world of pick-up lines, the reverse way of thinking, thinking within the box, will behave as our inciting incidents of intelligence.

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