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Life of an introvert

Life is not easy for an introvert in this world.

Life is not easy for an introvert in this world. | Photo Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

I am in the supermarket when I spot an acquaintance. Being an introvert, I suddenly get the fear of having to strike up a conversation with her. Before she sees me, I weigh my options. Would making a dash to the exit or ducking behind the farthest shelf or hiding behind my mask suffice? I choose the safest option. I start to walk hurriedly, towards the exit.

Before I reach it, there is a tap on my shoulder. My heart sinks. I know it is her. I turn around to face the inevitable. I try to smile. She beams. Her conversation is nothing but a set of personal questions aimed at me. I don’t feel like answering them. “I’m an introvert,” I say, but I know that these words are never enough. “That’s okay,” she says, ignoring my words and moving on to her next question. “I got to go,” I finally say. She gives me an offended look, as if I have infringed upon her right to know everything about me.

While I walk away from her, my heart aches knowing that my introversion has broken yet another acquaintanceship of mine. I wish it hadn’t broken any. I wish I could turn around, go back to her, and conjure some apt words to make her understand my introvert nature, but I can’t, because I know that no matter how hard I try to make her understand my introversion, being an extrovert, she won’t understand it, just like the others didn’t.

I remember my failed attempts of the past. I remember how hard I tried to make the extroverts understand that introvert isn’t just a nine-letter word introduced by the psychologist Carl Jung. It’s the way I’m. And the way, other introverts like me are programmed. The way extroverts can’t become introverts, similarly introverts can’t become extroverts.

I wonder why people can’t accept me the way I’m. I remember the endless times I was told if I tried harder, I would become an extrovert someday, if I started to talk more, people would like me better, and if people liked me better, I would have more opportunities to be accepted by the world. While the world waits for me to be an extrovert to accept me, I like being a quiet introvert. I still quietly wait for the day when saying that I’m an introvert will be enough.

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