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Checking out of Heartbreak Hotel, finally

To set down your emotions, especially at a time when you are being rejected by a person you loved dearly for some eight years, may be the best way to move on. Those eight years were pure bliss for me, but he now feels otherwise. We have had the very good and very bad times as well, but this is the worst and the rock bottom of my life (don’t know how it is for him).

There is an irreplaceable vacuum in life. Crying till your tear glands dry up, sorrow, grief, remorse, heavy heart, splitting headache, expectations and so on have been my life over the past weeks.

Ending my life was the first idea that popped up in my mind. Thanks to never-ending, fervent counselling sessions by my beloved sister I was convinced to drop that idea. Life goes on, the boss continues to yell, work continues to be mundane, days pass by, but you are stuck with this guy, just waiting for him to return, with your heart full of optimism. I was stuck in this quagmire, not knowing in which direction to proceed.

The most mortifying moment in this whole devastating episode comes when you get to know through common friends that he has moved on.

Every earnest effort to think of anything aside from him seems next to impossible. Then you visit all the deities in your locality seeking their help to drill some sense into my hard skull. And trust me, it works! What they call “maturity”, which I had been told I lacked all these years, finally dawned. And the divine interference helped me make my life’s biggest discovery, which is: there is indeed life beyond this “lovable idiot”.

Being dumped in life feels like being the specimen of an open heart surgery performed by a quack without administering anaesthesia. The pain is immense and can never be expatiated in words. But once you take an honest effort to move on in life, believe me, every cell in your body would cooperate — except your heart, of course.

But as times goes on, even your heart would join this young brigade, and from that point your march to success never halts. You become unstoppable. I have heard women grow stronger after heartbreaks, but I realised it only after my own personal experience. The unflinching fortitude, steely determination and decisiveness within you grow exponentially.

Today, I am an accomplished lawyer helping many. I agree, it calls for a great deal of grit and aplomb, but once you start doing it with confidence, it marks the beginning of your journey to success.

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