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Ensure peace at home, let children grow up happy

Silhouette of a angry husband and wife on each other with their daughter standing in the middle.

Silhouette of a angry husband and wife on each other with their daughter standing in the middle.  

Parental conflicts can have long-term impact on youngsters

Conflicts and disagreements are common in every family. Some issues get settled without any heated arguments, whereas some problems leave a major impact on the entire family.

Have you ever thought how would your children get emotionally disturbed after being a witness to a fight or conflict? It is not only physical fights that bring in serious psychological consequences but also a few destructive disagreement tactics that leads to harmful results in children.

To mention a few, name calling, insults, physical aggression and threats to leave the house or divorce create a negative impact on children. The relationship between parents and children also gets affected since parents have the tendency to show their anger on their children during stressful situation.

Research studies revealed that children from the age of six months to 19 years get affected physically and psychologically due to conflicts between their parents. They become emotionally unstable, hesitate to mingle with other children, stay away from their parents, lose interest in academic performance, develop a negative attitude towards family relationships, face eating and sleeping disorders and show signs of depression and abnormal behaviour.

When parents start disrespecting each other in front of their children, they also grow up with the same attitude. Remember, learning begins at home. So, it becomes necessary for us to be careful in our actions and words. Avoid talking ill about your partner in front of your children as it creates a bad image about you or your spouse.

Avoid complaining about the negative aspects and share positive thoughts with your children. Make sure that your child doesn’t get involved in your fights. Instead of converting arguments into major issues, try your best to solve them at the very beginning so that it doesn’t get dragged out for a long time. Make your children understand that what you did was wrong and give them the confidence that you still love each other.

Conflicts and disagreements are a part of married life. How to resolve them in a manner that does not affect children adversely is what you must give attention to. Children can express themselves fully only when they feel loved, cared for and secured. Therefore, parents should create a positive environment for their children to help them shape and develop their personality, physical and mental well-being.

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