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Break the walls, let them fly high

Wondering why people in today’s world act differently in different places, I pulled up my sleeves and started observing everyone around me. Within no time, I got to know that there is nothing wrong with people, and the fault is in our upbringing.

Yes! It’s the upbringing that made us who we are today, so different and unique that we actually forgot ourselves. Since childhood, we were taught to keep our feelings, our likes and our thoughts to ourselves. When we wanted to explore the world, our wings were clipped and then they expected us to fly high. We were raised in such a stereotypical environment where a crystal-clear wall of prejudice was set between a girl and a boy.

Fighting all the odds when we planned to do something great, the heavy ropes of society pulled us down. Never mind, we can fight the odds, no matter what the circumstances are. We finally made it! We reached a place where just a few in a million can reach. But then what did we get to hear from the world? “At the end of the day, you have to end up in the kitchen.”

Today’s world where people are learning futuristic skills, women aren’t given the right to choose their future. Whose fault is this? This is the fault of that one thick wall built in childhood in everyone’s mind and home, the wall of prejudice!

Indian society will change when parents change. Again it is not the fault of people, it’s the fault of their upbringing. What you sow, is what you reap. We have been sowing the seed of indifference, possessiveness and over- protectiveness, and now we shouldn’t be surprised to see a plant growing out of it. No matter which pinnacle we reach, we are still surrounded by these indifferences. A lawyer, doctor, teacher, scientist or explorer, no matter what we have achieved and become, the road towards equality isn’t ending. We have started educating people about this issue after they are fully matured, but what we forgot is that the tree, which has grown since childhood, can’t change the fruit it bears, no matter how hard it tries.

Now, the big question is, how can we bring about a change? The change lies in that seed. The seed that accepts that there is nothing wrong in treating a girl and a boy equally, nothing wrong in giving them both the wings to fly, the freedom to choose what they like and reject what they don’t, teaching them both that they are equally strong and they have got the right to explore themselves. We need to stop imposing our views on our kids, we should give them the right of choosing what they really want. As a parent, the only thing that you can do is: construct their wings of dreams.

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