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Best friends, for life

Admit it: as young adults we have all read tear-jerking tales of romance. Tales of star-crossed lovers, real-life examples of Romeo and Juliet. How often have we wondered if true love really needs to tread a rough path?

And then there are the lucky ones who end up falling in love with their best friend. For them, love was apparently a cakewalk and sometimes happens even without their realising it. Take a look at aspects of such seemingly ‘approved-by-heaven’ relationships:

Going ‘uncensored’: Every time we open our mouths to speak, a tiny voice in us reprimands with words of caution. We don’t want to come across as fools before others, do we? But when you marry your best friend, rest assured that you can choose to turn off that ‘tiny you’ inside interrupting your flow of thoughts. You can talk about the weirdest, grossest, eyebrow-raising, puke-inducing subjects to your partner (henceforth, BFFL) without the fear of being judged. Now I understand that is true for most couples and sometimes close friends, but when you have married someone so close to your heart it is as if you have accommodated another reality into your life. Not many a time will you be comfortable sharing this intimate space. But with a BFFL, things are different. You share your own set of inside jokes that nobody will possibly ever get since chances are you have known your BFFL longer than most couples have .

Easier patch-ups: Marriage is a box of troubles – or so said someone disgruntled with life. Fact is, we all have differences of opinion at times. But with a BFFL around you cannot stay mad for more than a couple of hours. Why? Because then you would miss them so much, that is equivalent to forgetting to catch up on your favourite show. Try as you might, you simply cannot ignore the magnetic pull your BFFL has over your life that without them you might end up feeling hollow.

Getting caught: Give it your BFFL to be an expert at reading your expressions and interpreting your insignificant grunts and sighs. So much so that it becomes extremely difficult to lie or pretend, even for good reasons. Every movement, every twitch, thwarts an “Are you okay?” question from him or her. The flip side is that you have to beg them to understand you are feeling good despite your face not showing the happy glow. Sometimes it can get a tad annoying. Also, no matter how seasoned a liar you may be, your BFFL will bust you.

‘Happily unmarried’: All married people are aware of the cringe-worthy moment when singles boast about them being free to check out other people and having ‘no-strings-attached’ relationships. To be honest, there is a grain of truth in what they say. But compared to conventional married couples, BFFL couples have a way with each other that promotes greater transparency. You can easily tease your BFFL if someone is checking them out, or you can unwind over coffee talking about all your past crushes. This way, you don’t actually feel smothered by the bonds of marriage while still being loyal to your BFFL.

Bring out the best: The best part is, they know how to handle you suitably without pushing any wrong buttons. However grim the situation, they are like Snoopy’s comfort blanket, giving you instant comfort.

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