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Bald yet bold and unashamed

Plenty of men look hot and handsome even with a bald head. Bald is also beautiful

Emperor or pauper, when men hit a certain age, most of them experience hair fall and join the long line of bald heads. Nature hardly makes a distinction between the rich and the poor here. You can blame it either on genes or on lack of nutrition. Just as many Indian women are obsessed with their fair look and try all sorts of creams to gain it, but with hardly any results, many men are obsessed with their hair and hairstyle, and try all sorts of oils, hoping that the barren skin covering their skull would get covered in hair. The fact is that hair once lost is gone forever.

The truth is always bitter and we seldom accept it. I am no different. When I started losing hair, I became a butt of jokes among my friends; even my children teased me. I was waiting for a magic potion that would help my hair grow. I fell victim to an advertisement that appeared on television and tried a particular oil. The makers/marketers had promised that my hair would grow fast and would become denser and more permanent, and I would see hair growing even where there was none earlier. Forgiving its pungent smell, I applied it every night on the empty patches of my scalp, hoping to see hair sprouting the very next morning. But the vacant patches remained the same, though several weeks elapsed. The only benefit I enjoyed all through the days I applied that oil was that it kept me safe from mosquitoes. Now I have given up applying the oil and come to terms with my receding hairline.

Let us not fall victim to misleading advertisements. If there is a magic potion that would help re-grow lost hair, then monarchs and the rich and the affluent all over the world would never go about bald-headed.

At best, hair fall could be prevented by eating nutritious food, rinsing hair periodically and keeping it clean. It is said that even worries can result in hair fall. Whether that is true or not, keeping ourselves free of tension is good for overall health.

Though hair transplantation is said to be a successful mode, it is expensive and painful. Should a person hailing from an economically poor background opt for it? Even plenty of rich men have come to terms with baldness and accepted it. Why should we worry, then?

There are plenty of men who look hot and handsome even with a bald head. We have Hollywood stars like Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, Vin Diesel and even our Rajinikanth. When the “superstar” himself does not feel shy about a bald head, why should we? Let’s accept baldness. Bald is also beautiful.

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