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“She can talk even to a stone,” my father used to comment about my mother, a gregarious being. I think I inherited the trait from her. Of course, many times, I have got myself or others into trouble because of this nature. As a teenager, I blabbered to a stranger that we were tenants of a house, not knowing that he was from the Rent Control Department, and got the landlord into trouble, though he had requested us to remain quiet.

Fancy name

However, this nature of mine later got a fancy name: networking. Today, there are so many applications and software packages for it! The only difference is I talk more to real humans and not virtual names. I love talking. Especially now, when all of us are locked up in our homes, the only aspect that reminds me that I am alive and kicking is my telephone calls. Some days, I do get tired of too many calls, though I space them well — children, mother, siblings, school friends, college friends, bank colleagues, neighbourhood friends, extended family members, my husband’s friends’ spouses and so on! I feel envious of my writer friends who are churning out book after book, friends doing online courses and those taking classes online. What am I doing? Wasting so much time on the telephone! I do feel I should also make fewer calls and start concentrating on my passions and hobbies and do something noteworthy.

But, of late, I realise how my networking nature has helped me in many ways.

I am able to assist people in need or distress by merely linking them to the sources of help. Not just that. We wanted to do something to mitigate the sufferings of the people. I raised an appeal and sent it around to all my friends. I am amazed by the kind of response I am getting from not only my immediate contacts but also from those known to them.

For once, I realise the value of communication. I thank my mother for giving me this trait. It is helping me not only to network and offer and receive help but also to keep myself sane and mentally strong.

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