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A meditation on poetry


It’s an art that deals with resplendent realities and repugnant realisations.

Poetry is an art nurtured with a rare rapture. Writing poetry is not an ability that can be acquired with a little effort, but a special skill calling for certain requisites for the expected effect. It is a tremendous talent gaining fruition through execution.

A poet should have an integrated vision of life. He or she should be conversant with the problems arising in life and should offer suitable solutions through poetry. Thus poetry deals with resplendent realities and repugnant realisations. The dichotomy of life presented through poetry obviously presents realistic values. A poet perceives difficulties in the process of poetry-writing. Hence poetry reveals an art elevated to the level of supremacy on account of its enormous eminence.

All poets should identify goals and work towards their realisation. The poets who have no specific objectives script poems in a haphazard manner. Their poetry cannot produce the desired effect to evoke the enthusiasm of the readers. To overcome this tendency in poetry-writing, the poet should learn to identify his or her goals. If he grows conscious of his objectives, his poetry will become an instrument of action. The poet should render his poetry strikingly stimulating. The poems penned with specific objectives are indications of the poet’s perspective towards life. The poet should prepare a plan of action for the realisation of his goals in a short period of time. It should cover themes that capture the imagination of all lovers of poetry, the levels of vocabulary to be maintained, the imagery to be employed in abundance and the use of concrete expressions for enrichment.

Poets should possess a wealth of vocabulary. A mediocre poet encounters crises on account of the poverty of vocabulary. The greatness of any poet depends on the choice of words. An exceptional poet can depict a singular situation in multiple ways dexterously. A poet who exercises command over vocabulary can be influential in many respects. Word power remarkably renders poetry powerful in many respects.

Poets should focus their attention on different themes repressing human existence. He should deal with different situations at ease. Various situations freshen the flavour of poetry. Popular themes such as happiness, love and peace fascinate the readers. The poet should exercise freedom to choose such popular themes for poetic treatment. Various situations certainly enliven the enthusiasm of the reader. The selection of situations plays a significant role in poetry-writing. Hence the poet should select situations to lend credibility to his poetry. Then poetry can influence readers beyond the measure of time.

Imagery adds flavour to any type of poetry. Images drawn from nature occupy paramount prominence. Poetry is usually appreciated and applauded for its imagery in abundance. Poetry which is rich in imagery is lauded all over the world. Poets can use the images concerning the nations which they represent in their poetry. Native images can go beyond nationality and gain international prominence. What distinguishes poetry from prose is the use of imagery. Hence poetry should be embellished with illustrious imagery.

We choose rivers, cascades, sweet-singing birds, spectacular rainbows, snow-capped mountains, meadows, dark clouds, the moon-lit night, the twinkling stars, the crescent moon, the full moon, dawn and dusk for treatment in poetry. The poet should use apt images for appropriate expression.

The piece of art which deals with all intricacies of life becomes a masterpiece. It is up to each poet to endow his poetry with elegance. A good poem is like a good painting. Its vitality depends on its nearness to real life. Any piece of art representing life in vivid colours gains popularity within a short time. It is not the wealth of words that makes a poet supreme but the aptness of words in given contexts. The use of poetic expressions should be contextualised. The poet should be a master craftsman using words wondrously in different situations. All poets should acquire the ability to give appropriate expressions to his or her illustrious ideas in all situations successfully.

Poetry achieves perfection when it is endowed with all essentials. Such poetry is outstanding in many respects. Poets should pay their attention to the fundamental aspects for enlivening their poetry. Budding poets can perfect their tools using all techniques required for mastery in poetry.

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