Up in the hills The bewitching mountain landscape of Uttarkhand.

Mountains on thin ice

Harshika Choudhary Rommila Chandra
An arrangement of broken milk chocolate blocks, shot overhead on a rustic worn wooden background, using natural daylight.
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Chocolates with a heart

Shelley Walia
Rush hour. Traffic Jam In Delhi, India
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My car, my friend

Chandrika R. Krishnan

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Behind the scenes A corona warrior who helps keep hospitals clean.
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Unheard and unprotected

Veer Vikram Singh
Old red brick wall damaged background
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A plane note of Partition

Rishabh Kochhar
Businessman Superhero With Red Cape Dominates The City
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An expert’s cloak

Jairam N. Menon
Cuisine Culinary Buffet Dinner Catering Dining Food Celebration Party Concept. Group of people in all you can eat catering buffet food indoor in luxury restaurant with meat and vegetables.
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Food for thought at a grand buffet

S.R. Raghu Ram
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Logging on to the class

K.S. Venkatachalam

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