Burning bad

O. Jayarajan
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Dipped in colours

Viney Kirpal
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The four archetypes

K.K. Gopalakrishnan

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File photo of renowned oncologist and chairperson of the Adyar Cancer Institute Dr. V. Shanta.
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The surgeon and the CM

Mini Krishnan
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The longest night

Shelley Walia
Close-up Of A Human Hand Filling Meal Plan In Checkered Pattern Notebook
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Not a lockdown Barbie

Divya Grace Benjamin
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Sizzling rotis are pure bliss

Rajesh Sharma
Of all faiths The bust at the La Divina Pastora in Siparia, near Port of Spain, in Trinidad and Tobago.
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Syncretism of La Divina Pastora

Arun Sahu

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