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Enough is enough

A file photo of protesters demanding justice for the gang-rape victim, at Rajpath in New Delhi.

A file photo of protesters demanding justice for the gang-rape victim, at Rajpath in New Delhi.

“Hellooww Madam”, “chich-ichch”, “hey beauty”, “Where going madam” — the list of annoying sarcasm and expression is endless. This is common in Delhi-NCT which has forced the media to name it “rape capital.”

She is covered from head to toe, but still if her dupatta or her shawl slips, men around will make sure that they stare at her (as if they have some X-ray machines in their eyes). Come the speed-breaker, whether you are travelling in crowded autorickshaw or for that matter any public transport, such ‘men’ will make sure that they fall on you or at least rub their legs/arms against yours. Obviously, it’s the speed-breaker to be blamed!

While travelling in auto or bus, I intentionally keep my headphones at deafening volume so that I do not have to listen to any vulgar comments. Because if I hear them, either I suffer mental agony (due to which I’m dying a thousand sentimental deaths daily) or I react (but it becomes one vs. 25-30 in a bus or one vs. 6 or 7 in an auto).

Parents keep in constant touch with their wards not to know whether they have reached their college or office, but to ensure they are safe and alive!

People say that women should dress properly lest it provoke men leading to rape and molestation. But guess what, it isn’t the same with us, even if the ‘gentlemen’ keep their shirts unbuttoned or display their “jockeys” through their low-lying denims or wear short bermudas, we don’t pass nasty remarks or rape them!!

What kind of society are we becoming? The irony is, the more our society is becoming ‘advanced’ the more it is becoming vulnerable to all kinds of disruptive developments.

The wrongdoers should not be spared. Filing a case against them doesn’t suffice. It doesn’t give true justice to the sufferer. It only gives her, postponement of judicial hearing dates, mental trauma, and social ridicule and degraded health conditions.

We have had enough! Let everyone, responsible for law and order be held accountable. Civil defence needs to pull up its socks and keep a strict vigil. A stricter and faster judicial process should be deployed so that justice is not delayed. A well-enforceable Bill for the protection of children and women should be passed by Parliament. Instead of politicising it and indulging in blame game, every citizen should make it his/her moral responsibility to stop such heinous incidents and inform the police immediately. A woman is equally respectable in every role! It’s her fundamental right to have freedom of life and freedom of safety.

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