Questions to the President

1. In the history of this country, has the President decided any clemency petitions eight hours before the execution? Again as a supplementary question, has the President given the Union Home Minister a personal hearing on a clemency plea?

2. Was the disclosure by B. Raman ever considered by the President before rejection of the mercy plea?

3. Was the condemned man’s plea that he is schizophrenic considered by the President while deciding the mercy petition? It goes against the principles of natural justice to hang a sick man.

4. Memon spent 21 years in jail. Did the President consider whether he was a reformed person? Was his conduct in jail considered? Under the theory of punishment, a reformed person should not be executed. Retribution should not be the sole reason to send a person to the gallows.

5. Has a person who has spent 21 years of his life behind bars without a single parole, a “zero person”, been executed before in the history of this country? Was Memon worth hanging?

> Questions that will not die

>Questions arising out of the Supreme Court judgement

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