The Book In My Hand

Cyrus Broacha

I am reading a biography of John Lennon by Philip Norman called John Lennon. The book covers all aspects of his personality. I call myself a “biography racist”. I love biographies — I’ve read cricket biographies, of Winston Churchill, of Elvis Presley, of Kant, of kings and wars. I like reading different biographies of the same person.

I stopped reading fiction some time back; I only go back to some books — Dave Barry and Woody Allen, for instance. Now I am also revisiting Harry Potter because my daughter keeps quizzing me about the books. I love reading history; I don’t know why people think comedians should only read comedy. If you ask me, history can be quite funny too!

(Cyrus Broacha, a writer and actor, hosts the TV show, ‘The Week That Wasn’t’.)

S.Y. Quraishi

I just read S.K. Mishra's Flying in High Winds. It's a wonderful book, well-written and full of humour. Mishra set up the National Institute of Fashion Technology, played a big role in promoting Haryana tourism, directed the Festivals of India. The book is especially interesting because I know a lot of the people featured in it. I've worked with many of them. The book I plan to read next is Caught by the Police by Anandswarup Gupta, an illustrious police officer of the U.P. cadre.

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