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No news is good news

Respected Madam/Sir,

Shall I tell one thing? Okay actually two things. Please listen carefully. Don’t take it personally.

First thing, there is too much news. Newspaper is full of news. Website is full of news. TV is full of news. Radio is full of news. WhatsApp is fullest of the full of news. Whether I can spend even one day without looking at news nonstop? Never. Not even five minutes. Wake up from bed in the morning and within 30 seconds news will start coming and coming through ears and eyes and mouth and nose and all.

You are thinking old man, news is most important item. If not means how you can be member of society?

Stop it madam/sir. Stop it this moment itself. Whether you are just making news every day in office of our esteemed newspaper or you are also reading any news? From morning to night tension. Here problem, there problem, top problem, bottom problem. America problem. Russia problem. U.K. problem. What about India? One channel will say India full problem. Other channel will say what nonsense India is one big Disneyland everyone happy, ok little bit Corona is there, not a big issue.

People are waking up, having tiffin, then sitting in front of news till bedtime. Whether any use is there? Zero. Dr. Shankaramenon will call everyday about 4 p.m. He will say Mathrubootham have you seen latest problem in U.S.? Something must be done. I say 100% something we must do. Then he will say have you seen latest issue in China? Things have to change. I will say 100% things have to change. Like that like that. And then? Then nothing. We will say good night, wake up next day morning, all previous news forgotten because new 15 numbers news items on TV that morning.

At least can we take one news and fully concentrate on that for few months until there is some solution? Never. No entertainment in that. Everyday new drama should be there as if TV serial.

So two days ago I decided enough. So much news means mental problem will happen. I decided that I will only watch news for 20 minutes after dinner. But whether world will allow? Never.

At 11 a.m., Mrs. Mathrubootham came and asked have you seen latest news item. Immediately I said yes Kamalam I just saw it. She said can you believe it? I said, it is unbelievable. She said I am very angry. I said I am boiling with anger. She said hopefully things will improve, let us pray. I said yes we must. Then she went.

Whether I have any idea what was news? No idea. But tension is gone no? This is Mathrubootham technique. Everyday I am using this technique to avoid tension. Just now Mohammed Usman is putting phone call asking have you seen the news? I said, yes yes I am seeing right now. (Actually I was reading superhit novel Mandala of Sherlock Holmes by Jamyang Norbu.) He said, isn’t it shocking? I said, my whole body is vibrating from shock. I am angry like anything. He said, why? News is good no, why you are angry? I quickly said, I am angry because we have to wait till 2020 to hear such good news. Shameful. He said, absolutely correct Mathru. But at least it is happening now. I said, yes, god is hearing our prayers. He said, bye. I said, bye and returned to novel.

Do I have any idea what is the good news? No.

Yours in satisfaction,

J. Mathrubootham

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