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My brain is melting

Respected Madam/ Sir,

Human brain is simply unbelievable. Sometimes thoughts and all will come suddenly without warning as if LIC agent. Then non-stop tension only. Whether you have had same feeling?

Once two-three years back Mrs. Mathrubootham and myself are sitting in taxi and going to airport. She is having one cousin in Jaipur. He said, please come no need for hotel. We can do tourism activities in Jaipur. We said ok.

Suddenly Mrs. Mathrubootham said, “Did you switch off gas cylinder?”

I said, “Kamalam what nonsense you are talking? You told me to switch off all the electrical items except fridge. All other departments belong to you, don’t point fingers at innocent people like TV news channel fellows.”

She said, “Ok old man, did you switch off all electrical items at least?” I said, no, I forgot due to some important works.

She said, “Old man, even during Bank of India days you didn’t have any important works, during retirement from where you will get important works? Tell the truth.”

I said, “Ok fine I was choosing novels to pack and forgot.” She took umbrella and gave one hit on my head. Taxi driver started laughing like anything. Professional taxi driver means what? You focus on road and keep quiet no? This is the problem with people in this country. Nose means in other people’s business.

Mrs. Mathrubootham said, “Driver sir can we do one u-turn? I want to check LPG gas cylinder.” He said, “Madam, look at traffic. U-turn now means 100% flight is swaha.”

She said, but if leak is there? I said, “Kamalam, I will call Dr. Shankaramenon and tell him everyday to come to house and do one smelling. If leak is there he will put phone call. Good idea or no?”

Madam/ Sir then what happened? Whole time in Jaipur Mrs. M is thinking of one and one thing only. Gas cylinder. I said, “Kamalam look at Hawa Mahal, so many windows.” She is thinking gas cylinder. We are standing in front of musical fountain in Jawahar Circle. What she is thinking? Gas cylinder.

Finally when we returned to Chennai she ran to kitchen like Ashwini Nachappa. Whether any gas leak is there? Zero. I said, “Kamalam, hahahaha, what unnecessary tension you took in Jaipur. Whether you are remembering anything from trip?” She said, yes, I am remembering how in Rajasthan ladies are also using sword and knife. I slowly put reverse gear and left the kitchen.

Today what happened? I was standing in balcony and looking at the scenery and suddenly I thought what happened to old SLR camera? “Kamalam,” I said, “you remember one old Yashica camera? We used to take during vacation?”

She said, maybe it is in storeroom or almirah? After Jaipur trip I have never seen it.

So I spent from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. looking and looking for SLR camera all over the house. Bedroom, bathroom, storeroom, inside drawer, top of almirah,inside almirah, under almirah. Zero camera. Then Mrs. M is telling you’re still looking? Just relax no?

I said, Kamalam, what nonsense you are saying? How you can just relax? My brain is melting.

During dinner also I could not eat. Then around 10:30 pm Mrs. M came and said look I found the camera. I said oh my god where did you find it? She said, it was behind the gas cylinder in kitchen.

I looked at Mrs. Mathrubootham. She looked at me. Then I looked at her. Then she looked at me. I said, thank you Kamalam. She said, no mention please.

Yours in extreme suspicion,

J. Mathrubootham

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