Vendetta politics

The >heckling of Chief Ministers of three Congress-ruled States, allegedly by BJP supporters, as they shared a platform with Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Aug. 22), points to a new form of vendetta politics which is particularly dangerous. We are a democratic country, and all those who have a stake in it have a legitimate right to express their opinions. The best way to do that is through the ballot. Heckling and booing will set a bad precedent. No matter how big the mandate is for the BJP and Mr. Modi, acts that have the potential to weaken the rubric of democracy cannot be justified. The earlier the party instructs its cadres to show restraint, the better.

Rajnish Kumar Yadav,

Banka, Bihar

During his tours, it is important for the Prime Minister to present himself as a leader of all Indians, rather than of one political party. He should ask his supporters to refrain from heckling Chief Ministers lest he be accused of undermining the federal structure. It is equally important for other parties to show patience, and extend full support to Mr. Modi in nation-building, rather than keeping off his official rallies.

Ankur Gakhar,


Chief Ministers also represent people, as does the Prime Minister. Elected representatives should not be shouted down and denied the freedom to function. Such behaviour will give rise to tensions between the States and the Centre. Mr. Modi should remember that he went to the three States (where the Chief Minsters were heckled) in his capacity as Prime Minister, not a BJP leader.

Abhilash Kumar,

New Delhi

Mr. Modi must uphold the dignity of his own office, even if he has scant regard for Chief Ministers who belong to other parties. He should not remain a mute spectator to such acts of indiscipline by his supporters. The trend started by some BJP workers to target Congress-ruled Chief Ministers may backfire. Mr. Modi should rein in his party workers.

Bhagwan Thadani,


The behaviour of the BJP cadres is boorish. Mr. Modi should have chastised those indulging in heckling and booing the Chief Ministers. Official functions have a protocol that needs to be followed by Chief Ministers.

A.T. Thiruvengadam,


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