Satya Sai Baba

In the light of the eulogies being showered on Satya Sai Baba for his charitable work, it will be interesting to note that ‘charity' can also be a successful business model. Donations are solicited from people, purportedly for a noble cause. A part of the money goes towards administrative expenses of the collecting nodal agency. More the number of projects, more the money for those running such charitable institutions. The more eye-catching the project — like super specialty hospitals — greater the business. Add a little bit of divinity to it and sky is the limit.

V. Rajan, Thiruvananthapuram

There was a famous incident involving magician P.C Sorcar, who tried to meet Satya Sai Baba on many occasions but was turned away. Finally, he asked to see the Baba posing as the son of a West Bengal industrialist. When Sorcar went to Sai Baba, the godman produced a sandesh out of thin air. But Sorcar transformed the sandesh into a rossogolla. At this, Sai Baba threw the magician out. If Sai Baba was god, why did he not allow any rationalist or magician to come near him? Was he scared of magicians?

Brinda Basak, New Delhi

Rationalists are conditioned to think in just one particular way. Their major accusation against Sai Baba is that he never offered himself to controlled experiments. They feel, therefore, that their views are vindicated.

Scientists must approach truth from various angles. They can talk to people who have experienced miracles and ascertain their views. Not all of them are gullible, illiterate boors. Among them are rational, intelligent and highly suspicious people. I am a rationalist myself and I can perform some magic tricks to boot. But I know that Shirdi Sai Baba and Satya Sai Baba are two great avatars.

D.G. Ramarao, Tanuku

Half-knowledge is extremely dangerous. Many rationalists assume that science is the alpha and omega of the ocean of knowledge. Many who declare Sai Baba a self-proclaimed godman may not even have met him or experienced the love he showered on all of us.

Magicians like Dr Pattabhiraman who went to challenge him became his ardent devotees. Another important aspect is that Sai Baba never attached any importance to miracles. He treated them as his visiting card, through which he could impart spiritual knowledge.

Ch. Vijay Sai, Hyderabad

No doubt Satya Sai Baba said he was divine, but he also said you and I are divine. He realised his innate divinity, and made relentless efforts to help us realise the divinity inherent in us. When Sai Baba himself did not attach any significance to his materialisations, why all this hue and cry?

Ravi Shankar Sistla, Visakhapatnam

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