Sanskritised Hindi

The backdoor tactics being employed to usher in Sanskritised Hindi amounts to blatant cultural chauvinism (“A yen for Sanskritised Hindi,” Feb.13). If this dispensation has shown enthusiasm and interest for anything, it is in coining acronyms, dime a dozen, for various programmes and projects. What is most silly is that catchy acronyms are first invented and then elaborate names concocted thereafter.

Ayyasseri Raveendranath,

Aranmula, Kerala


The move is definitely a retrograde one that overshadows the BJP’s development plank. In a multiethnic, multireligious and multilingual subcontinent, the proclivity to propagate Hindustan and Hindi is detrimental to the unity of the nation and a real threat to its existence. Hindi zealots in the heartland are trying hard to replace English with their mother tongue in all spheres of independent India. Naming Central schemes in Hindi is a step that will alienate others from the mainstream, and the Modi government is certainly playing with fire.

Annadurai Jeeva,

Srirangam, Tamil Nadu

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