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Question paper leaks are the result of a rampant commercialisation of the education system and undue importance being given to marks/ranks/grades with the least or no emphasis being given to knowledge. The mushrooming of unscrupulous private institutions and coaching centres is the result. In addition to paper leaks, this has also resulted in malpractices, mainly in northern India. The government needs to overhaul the system by seeking advice from reputed organisations that conduct mass examinations. An online system of examination can be thought of (Editorial – “Testing exam”, March 30).

Kshirasagara Balaji Rao,


The frivolousness with which bureaucrats and Ministers have responded to the issue has only ended up angering students even further.

The examination board should realise that the act of compromising the examinations not only ends up shattering the dreams of younger students but also impacts the future of the country.

A re-examination is another gamble. It can either help those who did not fare well earlier or affect those who did well. It is the responsibility of the government to conduct examinations in a fool-proof manner.

K. Kannappan,

Sivagangai, Tamil Nadu

The paper leak fails to inspire confidence in the system. Perhaps tests should be carried out in an incremental manner. So, even if a student does not have a good day during an annual examination, it does not become a ‘make or break’ situation for him or her.

In an era of digitisation, the CBSE should also look for digital options and multiple versions of question papers that can be printed a few hours before the examination.

Varad Seshadri,

Sunnyvale CA, U.S.

As a Class 10 student, this is my first brush with the dark underbelly of the examination system. It is unfortunate that young students have had to suffer in one of the major milestones in their life. Who is going to restore their faith in the system? Why are the CBSE and the government in denial mode? It appears as though no one has the courage to apologise to us with sincerity for the anguish caused. Why is it that those who were giving sermons to us on stress management before the exams have now gone into hibernation when they should be offering us words of solace? And how is the CBSE geared to handle the challenges of malpractices in this age of technology? One wonders what magic wand the HRD Minister needs to put in place a foolproof system.

Amodhini Karwani,

New Delhi

It is strange that we continue to believe that paper leaks can be prevented even when the examinations are so centralised and involve lakhs of students across the length and breadth of the country. It is a miracle that papers in an examination conducted on such a scale are not leaked every year. Instead of trying to find a “leak-proof system” for an examination on such a scale, it is best to decentralise the conduct of examinations.

G.S.R. Krishnan,


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