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The joy of reading a newspaper or a book cannot be substituted by online reading. It is a given that reading enriches us and make us better. Intellectual nourishment is no less important than physical nourishment. Knowledge stays for life. One is here reminded of Sir Francis Bacon’s words, “Reading maketh a full man; conversation a ready man and writing an exact man”. It would be worthwhile to do whatever is possible to ignite the passion for reading among the next generation as participants in The Hindu’s Open House in Kochi have wished. If a newspaper is a window to see what happens in the world, a book has a world within. Reading a newspaper from first page to last page and a book from cover to cover, not leafing through it, broadens the mind. While we read online, we get information and knowledge in bits and pieces and not quite profoundly. The young generation should know that there is nothing to match reading newspapers and books in their ‘physical form’ for personal and personality development and deepening their understanding of the world. A good book transports us to another world. Great literature contains not only the ‘the best that has been thought and said in all the world’; it ‘kindles our own best self’. It is said that a good book complements a physician or a psychiatrist. The idea is known as ‘bibliotherapy’. Good books are a form of therapy and they do a world of good to patients. Reading eases stress and distracts the mind from sorrowful memories. Reading’s power to heal and console outweighs its power to do damage.

G. David Milton,

Maruthancode, Tamil Nadu

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