Noise pollution

This refers to the article “Horn is not okay please” (Open Page, Dec. 26). One thing that must be ensured is that the reverse-gear horn is banned. We must show some consideration to others while using a car horn at night or in zones that require silence.

R. Anand, Hyderabad

Most drivers think that traffic rules are meant for the police. They must realise that they exist for their own safety. I travel to West Asia and Thailand regularly and find that drivers fear the police. There is no unnecessary overtaking, no road rage. In Coimbatore, I see call-taxi drivers over-speeding even on crowded roads. They overtake other vehicles even where there is no space between road dividers. The police should install surveillance cameras, and impound the driving licence of those who violate the rules.

M. Achuthan, Coimbatore

Drivers seem to use honking as a weapon. Apart from enacting laws, the government should look at practical solutions.

K.S. Thampi, Chennai

Noise causes irritation. Though it makes life simple, every modern gadget contributes to the deterioration of the quality of life. Loudspeakers blare out during political meetings or festivals. The noise causes mental stress to the aged, disturbs children and affects those who want to study or read. The mobile phone is the new entrant that annoys people. The users hardly opt for the silent mode. Is it not the right of a person to live in a peaceful atmosphere?

S. Nallasivan, Tirunelveli

Noise has become an integral part of our cultural/religious, political and social life. We do not seem to care about our auditory health, even though the ear plays a major role in maintaining body equilibrium. Chaos, violation of rules and indiscriminate and deafening honking are the norm on the roads. Do we ever spare a thought for those in schools and hospitals?

V. Rajagopal, Tirupati

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