Mumbai blasts

A “well-coordinated attack by terrorists” is how Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram described Wednesday's Mumbai blasts which claimed close to 20 lives, and appealed to people to remain calm (July 14). His statement sounded like a compliment to terrorists. What are the coordinated efforts taken by the government to thwart such attacks? Have talks with Pakistan yielded any results?

People are alarmed. Fear looms large, creating doubts about safety and security. The government should do more than being a mere spectator and commentator.

R. Raghavendra Rau,


The insignificance of an average Indian's life stands magnified by the apathy and casual attitude of the government towards security. The irritating chain of events that follows such an attack has become predictable. Also, isn't it time we put an end to all talk of the “great spirit of the city?” Every city which has been a victim of terror attack has got back to normal the very next day. The average Indian fighting for every meal has no time to let matters settle down.

Varun Koundinya,


“What's new?” asked my neighbour when I told her about the Mumbai blasts. My initial anger towards her apathy vanished soon as I saw Mumbaikars, biggies from films, and netas “moving on.” Innocence, agony, pain — these emotions have no takers with the frequency of such strikes rising.

E. Akshata,


What is shocking beyond words is the arrogance with which terrorists challenge the government time and again. Breadwinners are killed, women widowed and children orphaned. As usual, our leaders talk of stringent punishment to the perpetrators. But our judicial process is too slow. Too long a rope is given to the Afzal Gurus and the Ajmal Kasabs wasting, in the process, tens of crores of taxpayers' money.

Prabhu Harle,


It is clear that political leaders have no fear of terror strikes. It is the common man who has to fear for his life, as his safety is no longer guaranteed.

R. Gurumurthy,


The two main causes of repeated terror attacks in our country are: the absence of courage in our political leadership and the “we-know-everything, don't-advise-us” attitude. What is stopping us from carrying out the capital punishment awarded to Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Guru? The U.S. has repeatedly warned India of impending terror attacks. But the government hardly seems to have paid notice. Terrorism cannot be overcome by pusillanimity. It takes a lot of courage and determination to combat it.

M.R. Anand,


After the killing of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, a terror attack against India was imminent — it is the softest target as the U.S. and Israel have tightened their security — yet we could not prevent it. The deteriorating situation in the Af-Pak region is expected to present complex security challenges to India. As the international system is anarchic, self-help is the best help. India needs to augment its security infrastructure. Special fast track courts should be established to punish the terrorists. Last but not the least, the surveillance of population through a national population register is unavoidable now.

Mahfooz Alam,

New Delhi

The blasts went off in some of the most crowded places. Yet we have no CCTV footage from anywhere in the vicinity. It is clear that monitoring and policing in the financial hub, prone to terror attacks, are inadequate. The “co-ordinated attack” which the Home Minister refers to cannot be undertaken without the help of locals. So, citizens are also responsible for allowing such attacks to take place. Crowded places should be monitored. Steps should be taken to implement social policing.

K.S. Harsha Vardhan,


It is unfortunate that Mumbai has become a soft target for terrorists. Mere statements of punishing the culprits are not enough. If a terrorist can plant a device in a crowded thoroughfare, it points to a serious systemic failure. Prevention is better than cure.

A. Murugan,


Once again, innocent lives have been lost despite claims that efforts have been taken to neutralise terror outfits. As pointed out in the report “Bombings expose India's counter-terror effort” (July 14), while there is insufficient intelligence in countering terrorism, there is also the establishment's penchant to fabricate evidence. This has contributed to the weakening of efforts in nailing the culprits. The government should conduct a thorough investigation, as promised by the Home Minister, without jumping to conclusions.

Kasim Sait,


Even as we thought terrorism was on the decline, the evil hand of a terrorist has struck once again. Let there be swift investigation without even one innocent being victimised. Let the law-enforcing agencies rise above partisan considerations and act with the single-minded purpose of finding the actual perpetrators and their masters. Let the investigation be thorough and meticulous. Once the guilt is established, make absolutely sure that exemplary punishment is meted out to the savages. As a god-fearing Muslim, I condemn the bomb blasts in Mumbai.

S.A.R Adil,


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