Letters to the Editor — January 21, 2022

Cadre rules plan

The proposed changes by the Centre to Rule 6 (deputation of cadre officers) of the Indian Administrative Service (Cadre) Rules 1954 are ill-advised (Page 1, January 20) These would not only be against the principle of federalism but also encroach upon the plans of States to utilise the specialised services of IAS officers for various key departments or projects.

G.V.N. Murthy,


There is already a situation where there has been a significant usurpation of State powers by the Centre. The planned move will be a blatant encroachment onto the administrative domain of the States. It is clear that the Centre wants unbridled powers to keep States on a tight leash .

The mess that arose in the case of the Chief Secretary of West Bengal State is bound to manifest itself in the days ahead. The Centre should drop the ill-conceived and regressive move in the overall interest of seamless administration and uphold constitutional propriety and federal polity.

V. Johan Dhanakumar,


Court and payments

The Supreme Court of India’s proposed order to marshal efforts to pay the promised solatium to the next of kin of those died of COVID-19 and children “orphaned, abandoned or left with one parent” in the mayhem will be a great judicial intervention (Page 1, January 20). The ombudsman will definitely be a saviour to many an aggrieved family of the victim in case of a dispute over the selection and the sanction of the financial compensation. With the third COVID-19 wave showing no sign of ebbing as yet, any undue delay in making ex gratia payment would hurt families.

S. Sanjeevi Rao,


Unity in disarray

It is a matter of regret that the so-called ‘expert committee’ to select the tableaux for the Republic Day parade appears to be ignorant of the names of freedom fighters, particularly from the South. Some of the alleged remarks made by the members of the committee can be said to be shocking.

The entire episode looks murky and politicised in order to keep certain non BJP-ruled States out of the national parade, making one wonder whether we are living in a democratic country or under a dictatorship. This undemocratic and divisive development is not good for an India once known to be in possession of an enviable virtue — ‘unity in diversity’.

Tharcius S. Fernando,


The process of selection of tableaux for the Republic Day parade appears to be controversial. It would be in the fitness of things to provide representation to every State in a parade of extreme national importance — to highlight and celebrate our federal concept of governance. Shortcomings, if any, can be corrected without such penalties.

Ayyasseri Raveendranath,

Aranmula, Kerala

The very purpose of rolling out a tableau is to showcase India’s culture and history. And the reason why there is a (foreign) chief guest is to make him or her aware of this greatness. In general, efforts should be made to make people know what they do not know. This is what the beauty of history is all about. The perception now is that States said to be out of favour with the Central government, viz. , Tamil Nadu, Kerala and West Bengal, have been penalised, while BJP-ruled States or proxies have had no trouble at all.

T. Anand Raj,


Quest for recognition

The Taliban Prime Minister’s move to seek recognition from Muslim nations (‘World’ page, January 20) is strange. Does the Taliban have any locus standi to do this when it has curtailed the freedom of women and even deprived them of their basic rights? The suffering of women in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan now is no different from the earlier occasion when the Taliban held sway. Instead, it is imperative that Muslim nations nudge the Taliban to restore full human rights. This must be a precondition to any sort of recognition.

Shujaath Ahmed V.,



There is no doubt that Sania Mirza (‘Sport’ page, “Sania to quit at the end of the season”, January 20) is India’s superstar in women’s tennis who redefined the game in India. Her decision to step back, citing personal reasons that are at the fore, is dignified.

Jayashree Thampi,


Ms. Mirza has been a wonderful player with an incredible zeal toward the game of tennis She has been a source of inspiration for many a junior player.

Kirti Wadhawan,

Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

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