Letters to the Editor — September 19, 2020

Advice to India

I am much troubled by the strong negative reaction in the article, “Reject this inequitable climate proposal” (Editorial page, September 18). The UN Secretary-General is absolutely right in what he has said. The temperature now is expected to increase probably near 4°C by the end of this century unless we stop burning coal and releasing much of the greenhouse gases now. Isn’t the unprecedented forest burning across Siberia, western U.S., Brazil, Australia, multiple cyclones/typhoons from warming oceans, melting of polar ice and ocean rise much faster than expected, migrating wildlife and humans and vast biodiversity loss, enough to make us sweat at night for our children?

Almost the only ‘action’ is adaptation to climate change as in agriculture, coastal zones, transport, and so many other sectors.

We cannot wait for different country expectations and arguments. India must today start plans for ‘carbon neutrality’ within a few years as many other countries are doing. Yes, this is extremely difficult and disruptive for India. But our children will judge us by this more than anything else.

Clarence Maloney,

Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu


It would be inappropriate to bluntly reject the proposals made by the UN Secretary-General, especially with India being a part of Sustainable Development Goals. It is our responsibility too to minimise emissions and there must be a concerted effort to shift to renewable energy solutions.

Mahima Verma,

New Delhi

Animal welfare

Indians, who observe a culture of veneration of nature, are straying from the path of compassion for animals in their quest for prosperity. Indians will visit places of worship to make offerings to different representational forms of nature, but have no qualms about abusing the very same creature in flesh and blood. It is not uncommon to see people chasing away street dogs or their benevolent feeders citing strange reasons. The same Constitution that guarantees personal liberty and other rights also holds us individually accountable to show compassion towards animals. We, Indians, have consistently shown that we can be tamed only if laws and punishments are made more stringent. People should come together for voiceless creatures (OpEd page, “For the welfare of animals”, September 18).

Anand Aravamudhan,



We worship animals in some form or other but do otherwise. The killing and ill-treatment of stray dogs is on the rise. During the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increase in pets being abandoned by their owners. There is no national law regulating animal foster care and pet rescues. The conditions in foster care homes are terrible as most run on a shoestring budget.

Tanishq Khandelwal,

Jaipur, Rajasthan

Media in India

The way the English visual media is behaving in this country is distressing. Other than having non stop coverage on the leading names in Bollywood, they do not seem to have any other news to cover. Are there not more pressing problems in the nation? If there is no healthy debate and discussion in Parliament on the tension with China, rising numbers of COVID-19 affected persons, unemployment and the economic slump, it is the media that must lead the way instead of dealing with irrelevant issues. If there is evidence of dark happenings in the film world it is for the investigative agencies to uncover this.

T. Anand Raj,



Politics and education must never mix. While some politicians in Tamil Nadu have reiterated that they will see to it that the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is extirpated if there is a change in government after the Assembly election, most of us are none the wiser on how this is going to be done. Leaders of a national party, on the contrary, have vociferously defended NEET on the ground that it ought to be viewed as a test in consonance with the Supreme Court’s order and is the gateway to medical education. May I request the Union Education Minister to send exhaustive outlines to all State Education Ministers and ensure that all students have no apprehensions on NEET whatsoever in future.

Mani Nataraajan,


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