Letters to the Editor — September 13, 2021

Commemorating 9/11

The wound the world suffered 20 years ago is still festering (Page 1, “Unity the central lesson from 9/11 attacks, says U.S. President”, September 12). The images of the billowing smoke, dust and fumes from one of the targets, the Twin Towers, are a stark reminder that terrorism has many dimensions and the terrorists can be unimaginably lethal with their ingenuity. The immediate response of America in occupying Afghanistan, which continued for two decades and has claimed the lives of thousands —soldiers and civilians — has been rendered otiose when one considers the speed and ease with which the Taliban and other terror groups have reoccupied Afghanistan once the American troops were withdrawn.

It is nothing short of foolhardiness to conclude that there will be no repeat of heightened terrorist activities. That all countries, without exception, should be all the more vigilant against terrorism is the undeclared message. The words of consolation to the families who lost their dear ones are just superficial and routine.

V. Lakshmanan,

Tirupur, Tamil Nadu

America has solemnly marked the 20th anniversary of 9/11, but it is pertinent to ask and know whether the U.S. and the world will ever spare a humble thought for the tens of thousands of innocent people maimed and killed in Iraq during the U.S.-led invasion with the avowed intention of destroying ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ stored over there — as alleged and propagated by the U.S. and its allies. Will those who were instrumental in savagely attacking and literally destroying Iraq for blatantly false and wrong reasons ever be held accountable for their unpardonable crimes? If not, will they ever tender a public apology?

C.G. Kuriakose,

Kothamangalam, Kerala

It was on September 11, 2001 that the entire world had watched in disbelief the symbols of American capitalism and its military prowess crumbling as a result of an unprecedented act of terrorism. Twenty years have elapsed since terrorism took a heavy toll, but the threat of terrorism to international peace and stability has not yet waned. The response of America to the 9/11 terror strike, which manifested itself in two wars, one against Taliban in Afghanistan and the other against Iraq in search of non-existent weapons of mass destruction, has actually done incalculable damage to its geopolitical credibility and authority.

M. Jeyaram,

Sholavandan, Tamil Nadu

The 9/11 attacks perhaps provided the world an opportunity to thwart terrorist activities However, the U.S. is back to square one with the Taliban surmounting Afghanistan. One can come to terms with the ignominious exit of the U.S., but, it could have taken its wherewithal, i.e., weapons along with it rather than ensuring the Taliban has been given more teeth. It might be a day of solidarity for the people of the U.S., but Afghanistan has become a powder keg on account of the U.S.’s misadventure.

Aanya Singhal,

Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Enough is enough

Crime and atrocities against women in India and even in our so-called safe cities and towns never seem to be ending. The horrific assault and murder in Mumbai of a 32-year-old mother (Page 1, September 12) is yet another example. These are cases that are reported. How many go unreported is anyone’s guess. The exemplary punishment awarded in the Nirbhaya case, does not seem to be having a deterrent effect. We talk about women’s empowerment but falter when it comes to ensuring their safety.

The judiciary and the police need to work in tandem and fast to ensure that there is quick justice.

Balasubramaniam Pavani,



Computer pattas

I am writing this letter to highlight the hardships being faced by the people in Chennai to get computer pattas (Chennai, “Digitised land records being checked for errors”, August 15). In connection with this issue, I have been pursuing the matter for the last five years with the District Collector, Chennai and others, but without any tangible outcome. I have made out a lengthy representation addressed to all higher revenue authorities, and to the District Collector, Chennai, to highlight all the discrepancies that have crept into the computer system and even suggested remedial measures. It is baffling why the department concerned is opaque in its dealings. The public should be able to upload the manual patta with identity proof of such pattadhars to ensure that the error rectification is across the system.

S. Dharmarajan,


The Fifth Test

It is unfortunate that Test cricket has had to fall in what would otherwise have been a humdinger of a final at Manchester. The insatiable quest for money by the cricket boards is to blame. The IPL is the villain of the piece. The gentleman’s game of cricket has been sacrificed at the altar of the IPL (‘Sport’ page, September 12).

Bellur S. Dattatri,


The developments are a blow to Test cricket, which is already on oxygen. There is the perception that it is nothing but the IPL jackpot which has prompted our players to forgo the Test series. The BCCI has proven once again that it is not the game of cricket, but only the money that matters. God save Test matches.

N. Mahadevan,


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