Letters to the Editor — November 6, 2020

U.S. election

Even a political novice will not declare himself the winner before the final results are announced officially. However, one must accept that Donald Trump has performed exceedingly well, casting aside all prepoll predictions. The real villain of the piece which is responsible for the present chaotic situation in the United States presidential election is the electoral system. Even a doctorate in political science would find it hard to understand the complicated electoral system — right from the primary elections to the rules of the Electoral College. The absence of a centralised election commission is contributing to the inordinate delay in announcing results. Each of the States and even counties have their own set of rules. Here in India we can pat ourselves for the way our electoral system runs like a well-oiled engine. The machinery ticks smoothly in spite of aberrations here and there. The U.S. can look at how our system works so well. India does need to thank its Constitution-makers who have given us a neat and cumbersome-free electoral system.

V.N. Gopal,



Contrary to expectations and projections of there being a wave, Donald Trump has given a very tough fight. It is quite surprising that he has done well to make the race to the White House so close.

It appears that right-wing nationalism sweeping the world is still going strong. While the chances of a Democratic win appear to be a bit brighter, the world awaits the final outcome of the U.S. elections with bated breath, because the course of quite a few important international affairs such as climate change mitigation and the survival of multilateralism will depend on who moves into or stays on in the White House.

Kosaraju Chandramouli,


The way the 2020 U.S. elections have turned out so far has only exposed the chinks in the process. It may not be an exaggeration to say that the theatre of the absurd can be used to describe the situation. Even the Bihar election has gone well so far. One hopes that there are no untoward and ugly incidents in some of the American States in the name of this elections.

Devadas V.,

Kannur, Kerala

It appears as if the U.S. President is not going leave the White House in dignity in case he is declared to have lost. Some of his demands and threats are very undemocratic, unbecoming of his stature and quite unheard of in the history of American elections. If Joe Biden is destined to win, it is unstoppable, and if it happens, there will not be a smooth transition of power. In all likelihood, Mr. Trump’s exit also will not be ceremonious.

N. Visveswaran,


Anchor’s arrest

Our TV channels have ‘the habit’ of blowing even trivial issues out of proportion. Even not-so-well-known actors become all India figures in next to no time. In such a situation, it is intriguing that the arrest of a high profile anchor has been receiving a very lukewarm response from the media, especially the English ones. It looks as if the anchor has made enemies not only with politicians due to his provocative onscreen outbursts but also has no friends within the visual media. He is fighting a lonely battle. It is obvious, however, that his intemperate comments just for the sake of TRPs could be his nemesis.

V. Subramanian,


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