Letters to the Editor — November 11, 2020

Bihar votes

It is apparent, going by the information available in the electronic media, that the critical issues of the novel coronavirus pandemic, unemployment and migrant miseries did not make any dent either on the image of Nitish Kumar or the charisma of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Tejashwi Yadav, though for strategic reasons,who focussed only on the core issues confronting the common man, appeared to be done in by the family baggage that he had to carry. Whatever be the final outcome in the Bihar Assembly elections, the Congress will be seen with disdain by its partners as it has barely been able to contribute anything to the success of the alliance it forms. It is a wake-up call again for the party to introspect its electoral strategies thoroughly. A total overhaul of the party is overdue as owing allegiance to one family has not done it any good.

V. Subramanian,


Vaccine on the horizon

The reported claim of pharma major Pfizer that its vaccine could be 90% effective in preventing COVID-19 should soon open the gates to end this deadly pandemic (Page 1, Novermber 10). Though it might take at least a year for this vaccine to arrive in India, the fact that there could be a proven medical solution brings tremendous psychological relief. Other leading vaccine candidates should be equally successful and India should be in a position to implement a mass vaccination programme. Till then, it is crucial that every person religiously follows the rules of safety.

A. Mohan,



The American election

It is unfathomable how the post-election result rallies proposed to be held by U.S. President Donald Trump would be helpful in drumming up support for his legal challenge, unless he expects the court proceedings and decisions to be swayed by these rallies (Page 1, “Trump plans rallies to protest election”, November 10). The U.S. judiciary should be wary of such attempts by political parties and uphold the rule of law by all means. While mounting a legal challenge is Mr. Trump’s right, he would be doing great service to the nation if he accepts the verdict of the people gracefully and allows a peaceful transition. It is astounding that Mr. Trump is planning to accentuate the deep divisions he created in the last four years even as the President-elect is planning to reunite America.

Kosaraju Chandramouli,



Firecracker sales

Living in these difficult times of COVID-19, it is hardly a surprise that the National Green Tribunal has linked cracker sales across India during Deepavali to air quality (Page 1, November 10). Crackers that flood the markets are a perfection of the formula, 75% saltpetre (potassium nitrate), 15% carbon, and 10% sulphur, which generate poisonous oxides. Finally, we have the noise which traumatises the young, the old, the sick and even pets. One can no longer buy the argument of children cherishing fire crackers, as the younger generation is aware of the hazards firecrackers pose.

R. Sivakumar,



Crossing paths

Of late there has been too many injuries and deaths due to man-animal conflict in many places in Tamil Nadu, especially in the Nilgiris.

With the population of wild animals on the rise, these species such as the Indian gaur, the bear and the leopard can be found straying into houses, on the main roads and busy areas during different times of the day, which poses an enormous risk to the common man. If the problem is not contained, there will be much damage caused and people will have to live in fear all the time. The government departments concerned need to act.

Annie Israel,

Wellington Barracks, The Nilgiris

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