Letters to the Editor — January 8, 2021

Central Vista judgment

In the judgment of the Supreme Court on the Central Vista, it is Justice S. Khanna alone who has emphasised the importance of public hearing which is reflective of the democratic principles at the heart of our society. It is this principle which has been lacking in the Centre’s decision in going through with the colossal project, overlooking core issues such as health care, education and other basic needs. For the majority to say that they cannot control government spending amounts to a breach of public trust and going against constitutional mandates. The other surprise is the Supreme Court’s observation that it cannot heighten judicial review when it comes to the construction of the Central Vista and that it has to be judged by ordinary statutory procedures.

The existing Parliament was the place where Independence was declared and is a heritage building.

The Court would have been within its rights in directing the present Parliament to be put to better use rather than permitting a new building. This is a classic case where the principle of majoritarianism is becoming destructive to democracy itself.

N.G.R. Prasad,



On the margins

As someone who has worked for a little over 30 years at the Rourkela steel plant, it saddened me to read the report, “4 workers die of exposure to toxic gas” (January 7). In almost all such industrial accidents, it is usually the contract labour who pay a heavy price. Such labour are paid much lesser wages than regular employees, but are engaged in undertaking riskier jobs. Lax implementation of the Contract Labour Act by (palm greased) labour department officials, and inadequate supervision by the management are almost always the root causes. And, sad to say, this will continue.

A.R. Ramanarayanan,



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