Letters to the Editor — January 12, 2021

Trauma and change

The deplorable incidents at Capitol Hill are a blot on the U.S. The polarisation of the American people began early with the slogan, ‘MAGA’, and subsequent arrogant actions against Canada and Mexico, a distancing from world institutions and a tightening of immigrant rules. In addition to this was Mr. Trump’s nonchalant approach towards COVID-19. What was worse was his refusing to accept the electoral verdict.

With the dawn of January 20 will begin the time to heal, restore harmony and the economy and focus on the pandemic fight.

N. Suryanarayanan,

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, U.S.

Racial abuse

Racism, that hydra-headed monster, has again raised its ugly head on the sporting field (‘Sport’ page, “Ashwin calls for iron-fisted action”, January 11). While it is appalling that various sport and players have been the target of racial abuse, it is even more shocking that such incidents continue despite the concerted efforts by authorities worldwide to evolve strategies to reduce, if not eliminate, it altogether. This speaks of the extent of hatred and bitterness that is present in the hearts of the perpetrators.

Perhaps, cricket also needs a movement on the lines of “Kick Racism Out of Football” and “Show racism the red card” that are widely involved in trying to make football a racism-free sport. We could have a “Run Out Racism” for training, challenging discrimination and making cricket an inclusive sport.

V.V. Koushik,


Along with ball tampering, match fixing and substance abuse, racism is a blot on international sport. Here is how an Indian girl countered such remarks in an American elementary school: “You are a pale milk chocolate. I'm a rich brown variety.”

By over-reacting to a silly racist or personal remark, we turn the spotlight away from the pitch, on to the vagrant bunch of spectators and aid in fulfilling their aim of attention grabbing. Moreover, we reflect our own inferiority complex and craving for public approval. Play the game and leave the dust on the ground.

P. David Balasingh,

Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu

The despicable behaviour of some spectators at the Sydney Cricket Ground is beneath contempt. The world is often reminded that cricket is a gentleman’s game that prides itself on being a constant metaphor for fair play. But the fact is that sport also mirrors the society it is played in and Australia definitely needs to reflect on this.

S.S. Paul,

Chakdaha, Nadia, West Bengal

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