Letters to the Editor — February 18, 2021

Rocketing fuel prices

Fuel prices are rising day by day like an ISRO rocket launch. It is not just a worry for the Congress party but a worry for every citizen in India (Inside pages, “Remove ‘Modi tax’ on petroleum, says Cong.”, February 17). It is true that COVID-19 has played havoc with the economy, but at the same time, people have been badly affected. Even after the unlocking, people still face distress.

In such a situation, rising fuel prices are a cruel blow. If there is a line of thought within the government that by increasing fuel prices there will be cut in consumption, in turn saving foreign exchange, it is a misconception and unwise as fuel is an essential commodity.

J.P. Reddy,

Nalgonda, Telangana


LG’s exit

Kiran Bedi’s recall as Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry was long overdue (Page 1, “Kiran Bedi removed as Puducherry L-G”, February 17). The Constitution is loud and clear. The LG is expected to act on the aid and advice of the Council of Ministers but she did everything apart from that. If this was allowed to go on for long, it would have undermined the value of elected democracy and the role of the Council of Ministers. Long ago, C.N. Annadurai wondered whether there was the need for a Governor; Ms. Bedi has proved that he was not far from being right.

A Governor playing an advisory role is far different from a Governor playing a superior role, which is not contemplated under the Constitution. Here, it is a constitutional recall of a Governor who failed to adhere to constitutional values. It also exemplifies that it is not advisable to appoint bureaucrats and defeated election candidates as Governors. With Ms. Bedi’s recall, Raj Nivas, Puducherry, needs a fresh coat of paint.

N.G.R. Prasad,


Right from the day of her appointment to the day of her removal, Ms. Bedi exhibited only a confrontational attitude and animosity towards the elected government and did everything that made one believe that she was not a constitutional head but an active member of the Bharatiya Janata Party. With her autocratic and arrogant moves, she has only done more damage to the BJP in Puducherry.

Tharcius S. Fernando



The forced demission of Ms. Bedi spells welcome relief for the Chief Minister and the people of Puducherry who were tired of the political tamasha. The case makes me recall the strained relationship between then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Jayalalithaa and Governor Marri Channa Reddy. There ought to be a cordial relationship between the Chief Minister and the Governor.

Mani Nataraajan,



‘Cow science’ exam

As a college student, I find it quite disturbing that the University Grants Commission should actively promote such a brazenly ideological project (“UGC asks universities to encourage students to write ‘cow science’ examination”, February 16). The study material includes claims that cow dung is used as protection against radiation in nuclear centres in India and Russia. The cow is indeed a totem in Indian culture — nobody denies this. But to have it promoted as a “science” by a body instituted to maintain standards of higher education would make those very standards suspect.

Deepak Denny,


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