Letters to the Editor — February 13, 2021

LAC disengagement

That the marathon rounds of Corps Commander Level talks, backed by diplomatic dialogue could finally be paying off, brings cheer (Page 1, February 1). However, even if China has indeed agreed to take simultaneous reciprocal steps to disengage, as it is known to renege on its agreements, India losing the strategic advantage it gained by seizing the Kailash Range is worrisome. Yet, one has to take solace that there has been some give-and-take in the talks. Nonetheless, expansionist China has invested astronomical sums to build massive military infrastructure in Tibet, giving it a strategic edge.

Nalini Vijayaraghavan,


I write this as a retired colonel. The Ladakh disengagement is no victory. In fact, we have given more in the ‘breakthrough’ than received. One, we have lost our leverage by agreeing to vacate from the dominating Kailash heights. Two, we are withdrawing from our own territory, while China is going back from its occupied territory since April 2020. Three, a moratorium on military activities, including patrolling, in areas which we were dominating before the Chinese incursion in 2020, is our loss. Four, dismantling of our defence structures, and demobilising thousands of troops, armoured vehicles and guns, which we did with great effort, and by sacrifices by our troops, is a setback for us. China cannot be trusted and can strike again when we are weak on ground. So let us maintain our leverage at the bilateral and international fronts, and stand firm and strong against the belligerent neighbour.

R.D. Singh,


Ambala Cantt, Haryana


Wealth building is no longer dependent on the hand holding by governments. The future of PSUs will become irrelevant unless they undergo a sea change and are out of the governance ambit of influence of politicians and government officials. However, the government cannot be given a free run on its proposal of privatisation. It needs to be debated in Parliament, ensuring that some areas which are major and safe nests for the common man are protected. Besides the funds generated through disinvestment should be utilised transparently.

Shivaram Singaravelu,


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