Letters to the Editor — December 31, 2020

No let-up in vigil

Billions in investment and the reputation of labs and companies ride on any vaccine of consequence. Yet, in the case of the COVID-19 virus, the speed and breadth of its spread have compelled extreme time compression to find vaccines. Hitherto in earlier pandemics, mutations were factored in as we could take a few years to evolve a vaccine. But we are in an unenviable position today wherein a strain variant has come up even as one or more of vaccines are already being administered. Pragmatism lies in assuming that this could be a fresh pandemic altogether. Thus, the need for precautions ought to be even more imperative and measures far stringent. Mysterious being the ways of nature we can seek remedy largely through abundant caution.

R. Narayanan,

Navi Mumbai

It’s curtains

The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister could be relieved that superstar Rajinikanth is no longer there to split the AIADMK’s votes. His deputy, O. Panneerselvam, may have no alternative but to settle down to the number two position in the party’s hierarchy. As for the BJP, its hopes of latching on to the actor’s bandwagon have been dashed. The national party will have to accept the seats offered by the Chief Minister unless it has an ace up its sleeve. With voters having to decide between the Chief Minister and the DMK’s M.K. Stalin, Tamil Nadu is now back to its customary bipolar polity. Makkal Needhi Maiam leader Kamal Haasan who waxed eloquent on corruption may have to rethink his political strategy. The political development now opens up the prospect of another actor, possibly younger, entering the fray.

Kangayam R. Narasimhan,



The electorate in Tamil Nadu has been misled into believing that he would arrive with a wand to solve their problems. What Tamil Nadu needs instead is a new approach, where it can keep its best residents gainfully employed at home and thus contribute to the betterment of the State.

For that to happen it will have to rethink and revamp its policy — from education to governmental employment, where merit will be given its fair share. All other actions are exercises in futility and corrupt politics.

G. Parameswaran,


Though the BJP may not agree, the actor’s final call might equally upset the party’s plans for a greater presence in the State, as, after all, Mr. Rajinikanth’s brand of ‘spiritual politics’ was closely aligned with that of ‘Hindutva’ politics.

Sivakumar Kumar,


Yes, it is a shock, especially for the actor’s fans as he created the perception of being a person with lofty moral principles and probity who would definitely try and enable clean governance. Nevertheless, one has to respect his decision and avoid creating controversy.

N. Visveswaran,



Airbag move

The report, “Govt. mulls mandatory front seat airbags” (‘Business’ page, December 30), could be one more instance of the government introducing a regulation with the express purpose of making provision for unnecessary accessories. The consequences are that the buyers could be saddled with accessories which are not of any proven value in protecting passengers or improving driving practices.

The only thing that can make driving safe and reduce road deaths are good road engineering, proper maintenance of road infrastructure and good driving practices.

Deepak Adyanthaya,

New Delhi

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