Letters to the Editor — April 3, 2021

Reversing rate cuts

The flip-flop announcement over interest rate cut is a matter that the Election Commission of India must look into. Why was such a cut announced and repealed overnight after calling it an oversight, and at a time when a few States have their Assembly elections? First cause a jolt and then induce relief — is this some new technique to attract the middle class by playing with their sentiments?

J. Eden Alexander,

Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu

Many of us have still to recover from the shock, even if it has been rolled back now. Why is the central government so hell-bent on crushing small savers? One is certain that had it not been for the elections in the backdrop, the government would not have backtracked. It is small savers who give the government its financial cushion.

Katuru Durga Prasad Rao,


Even otherwise, the central government has been subjecting senior citizens and retirees to trauma by reducing bank deposit rates. Similarly, fuel prices have been rising sharply and even when there were opportunities to pass on relief, these were not explored. Whatever happened to “Achhe din aane waale hain”?

B.G. Baliga,

Thrissur, Kerala

To stabilise the economy, a good amount of domestic savings is one of the important and inevitable components for any country. It is a factor which helped China in building its economy. Instead of encouraging such savings in government schemes, driving people into the arms of private players does not speak well of the government. However, many have got a clue now. After the spell of elections, there are sure to be more shocks.

A.G. Rajmohan,

Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh

On the campiagn trail

Why are our political leaders humiliating each other in order to serve us? It is absolutely amazing, that on a daily basis over the past few days, they are embarrassing each other by alleging just about anything. Is this the leadership that we have to contend with and guide the destiny of our nation ? Or, are image makers and speech writers creating this havoc?

Hemachandra Basappa,


Award for actor

It is impossible to believe that the Dadasaheb Phalke award was not awarded to superstar Rajnikanth in the hope of reaping some political harvest in Tamil Nadu. This is not to say that the superstar is unworthy of the award, but the sheer effrontery of the BJP in disregarding established norms has to be criticised. In its desperation to gain a toehold in Tamil Nadu, the politicisation of the awards demeans the award and the awardees.

Anthony Henriques,


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