Letters to the Editor — April 17, 2021

Needed, direction


With the spread of what can be called the second wave of the novel coronavirus in India, there is clearly a lack of commitment toward ensuring the well-being of the common man. There is no guarantee of even the right to get space for the proper and dignified cremation of a loved one leave alone a hospital bed. For the common man, his earnings are under serious threat and with daily living expenses on the rise, fears are only increasing. There is inappropriate COVID-19 behaviour. The Kumbh mela for example, goes on, unleashing herd spread. Across the country, politicians of every hue have held election rallies in scant regard for safety. Many of us expected sage advice from the Election Commission of India, the Supreme Court of India and even the President of India but have been left deeply disappointed.

Human rights are being compromised. The political leadership needs to take responsibility. Each of us must also commit to rise and overcome this situation. Every small action counts if all rise to the occasion.

Naveen Khajanchi,


It is ironic that when thousands are being hospitalised and hundreds dying due to COVID-19, the campaign to accelerate vaccination has been called ‘Tika Utsav’. When States are facing vaccine shortage, how far will the ‘Utsav’ be able to accomplish its objective of vaccinating the most number of people? To overcome the vaccine shortage, the Centre should transfer adequate funds from “PM CARES” to the manufacturers of vaccines so that they can improve the infrastructure at their end. In turn, the Centre can get vaccines at subsidised rates.

V. Subramanian,


With some States beginning to implement ‘mini-lockdowns’, many migrant workers have begun returning to their hometowns, clearly implying their mistrust in the government and the administration. There is still no clarity about whether India has sufficient data about its migrant workers. Even now, the States have to be empowered to draw up an ad hoc policy concerning the welfare of migrant workers. We definitely do not want a repeat of 2020.

S. Gowtham Bharathi,

Kollampallayam, Erode, Tamil Nadu

The ‘Gridman’

I had always been a bit puzzled by the absence of the ‘Gridman’; sadly, yesterday, I read the touching report in The Hindu about him (Inside pages, April 16). We will miss his tantalising clues.

Usha Mukunda,


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