Crime against women

There can be no second opinion that Mr. Ambani should be accorded security because he faces a threat. But what is ironical is that most Indians are unsafe. The situation on the ground has not changed a bit since a young woman was gang raped four months ago in Delhi. The police continue to be insensitive to hapless victims of rape and their families; the environment in public places and transport is as unsafe as ever; and the criminals have an utter disregard for the law.

It is necessary to impart and inculcate moral values and streamline the police and prosecuting agencies. Leaders cutting across party affiliations should show the requisite political will, courage and conviction to deal ruthlessly with crimes against women.

Qazi Nadeem Alam,


Even after four months of the Delhi gang rape, nobody has been punished (except Ram Singh who killed himself). The police have the victim’s statement, eyewitness account and other necessary proof. The criminal justice system is so slow that no verdict has been delivered. The denial of speedy justice emboldens offenders, on the one hand, and erodes the faith of victims in the judiciary, on the other.

Sachin Jain,


While it is evident that the recent amendments to the law against sexual crimes have not made a big difference on the ground, we also need to introspect on the reason for the increasing brutality in society. There is something seriously wrong with the society we are living in. It gets reflected when the political class cites trivial reasons to dilute a strong law. Petty political interests get the thumbs up over vital security concerns. This is what prompts everyone, from official representatives to common citizens, to flout rules. This attitude is spreading like a virus.

Madhusree Guha,


As pointed out in the article “The crisis in our community” (April 22), domestic violence, a transmitted disease, is witnessed by almost all Indians in their homes or neighbourhood, and that increases our acceptance level of crimes against women. It is very true that we should stop seeing rape in isolation. We need to see it as part of a bigger problem, which is our acceptance of violence.

Satyendra Gangwar,


While I express my sympathy for rape victims, especially children, I am disturbed by the inhuman approach of the Bharthua panchayat which has ostracised the family of Manoj Sah, accused of raping the five-year-old in Delhi. Two wrongs do not make a right. Manoj should surely get the strictest punishment under the law but his family members should not be humiliated.

No parent wants his or her child to become murderers and rapists. It is the environment at home and in society that moulds a person. Does our socio-cultural environment as a whole contribute to the healthy breeding of our children? Can society run away from its responsibility of providing the younger generation a healthy socio-political system? Why blame the parents alone?

M.M. Haneef Shabab,


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