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It is appalling that for the fourth time, China has blatantly abused the power it enjoys as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council to block the proposal to proscribe Masood Azhar, the founder-leader of the Pakistan-based terror group, the Jaish-e-Mohammad (Page 1, “China places hold on listing Azhar as designated terrorist”, March 14). China’s success in having its will prevail at the UNSC and adopting a defiant stand despite the overwhelming support that India had on the issue at the UNSC is a clear indication of its ruthless, unabashed ambition to supersede the U.S. as the next superpower. It also casts a dark shadow on its attempts at emerging as a responsible global power. China’s move of supporting its ally, Pakistan, can be traced to its apparent attempts at mollycoddling terror groups who pose a security threat to its economic corridor. Little does it realise that it is losing sight of long-term perspectives for short-term gains. China’s current animosity towards India could also stem from the fact that its ‘string of pearls’ policy has taken a beating recently.

India can take solace from the fact that the move to ban Azhar was co-sponsored by other members of the UNSC. Therefore, China’s stand also humiliates them.

Nalini Vijayaraghavan,


China is at it again. It is clear that China has its own interests in mind, afraid that terror groups can affect its economic ambitions. China’s statement is an insult to all other UNSC member countries. They should still try to make it see reason.

K.V. Seetharamaiah,

Hassan, Karnataka

China has, once again, let India badly down. Instead of having an ostrich in the sand approach to the matter and giving shallow explanations like it needs ‘more time to investigate’ evidence against the terrorist, it is time Beijing realised that on account of its continued and unjustifiably inflexible stand, the united, strong and committed fight of many nations against global terrorism will only get weakened.

A. Mohan,


India’s continued conciliatory approach toward China exposes the fact that New Delhi lacks any leverage with it on Azhar and that Beijing interprets India’s pussyfooting as a sign of weakness. Unless India sees Pakistan and China as one hyphenated strategic entity and takes an integrated policy approach, piecemeal efforts will remain ineffective and even counter-productive.

R. Sivakumar,


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