Childhoods lost


The slew of reports regarding the violation of child rights in Jammu and Kashmir are indeed worrisome. The atrocities that are being inflicted upon the children amount to the most brutal form of child abuse. Gandhiji said, “If we are to teach real peace in this world... we shall have to begin with the children.”

It is shameful and an irony that at a time when the nation is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Mahatma, such misconduct and anarchy prevails in our own backyard (Editorial Page, “Childhoods lost in troubled paradise”, September 27)

L. Prasad,

Kalyan, Maharashtra

The situation in Jammu and Kashmir is worrying. Even though the government may have justified the lockdown of 50 days citing security reasons, independent reports on human rights cannot be ignored. The data on children and the total population as such being affected by mental trauma are alarming. Lack of access to proper health care, locked down schools and Internet blockage cannot be glossed over as those affected include children and women. The government will have to make sure the availability of basic needs. The judiciary needs to take note.

Ahmad Hussain,


The article is an eye-opener for the rest of India. It is not only physical torture but the serious long-term mental torture that will probably create another class of Kashmiris who can be easily radicalised. The havoc that is waiting to happen will be very fatal for India. The gross violation of human rights in the cases of these young children must be taken seriously. We should not be carried away by ultra nationalism. What is the government trying to do? Erase a complete generation from the pages of history?The Kafkaesque fear that every Kashmiri keeps in his mind will never be in favour of India. By doing this, the government is only further alienating a whole generation.This will also encourage Pakistan to further complicate the Kashmir issue.The rest of India needs to highlight the abuse of basic rights.

Durga Prasad Dash,

Berhampur, Odisha

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