Too much TV

The Australian government’s tentative plan to restrict television for toddlers (Op-Ed, Oct. 15) to ward off its adverse effects is a good sign. The lifestyle of people has drastically changed due to the invention of electronic goods. TV is a sort of addiction. A child who is overexposed to TV is bound to lag behind other children. Television viewing affects the ability of children to think and interact. They suffer from various ailments due to lesser physical activity. For a healthy generation, it is necessary to foster healthy habits right from childhood.

Vinod Kumar Pillai, Thiruvananthapuram

Watching TV does not really help in the development of the brain. It takes some mental effort to read a book and to visualise and decipher what we read. Watching TV does not require any skill. It discourages thinking and interaction. Television viewing may have enormous advantages and help in building knowledge. But a growing child needs more interactive ways of engaging the brain.

C. Sudeep Nair, Palakkad

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