Adding fuel to fire

The government decision to hike the price of petrol by Rs. 2.50-Rs.2.54 a litre — the second such instance in a month (and aviation fuel), following an increase in international crude oil prices at $92 a barrel — has came as a shock. The fact that it has been implemented at a time when the prices of vegetables and other essential commodities are high certainly add fuel to the fire. The government seems to be clueless on tackling a variety of issues and the people remain helpless.

S. Ramakrishnasayee, Ranipet

Ranipet The uproar by various Opposition parties over the petrol price hike is frivolous especially after having agreed to the decision to link the domestic prices of petrol and diesel to international rates. It is some relief though that users of diesel have been spared. The increase in petrol consumption irrespective of any amount of hike shows that we need to change our habits. In the advanced countries, whenever gas prices become dearer, there is a reverse trend in the use of petrol, but not in India. There does not seem to be any attempt to popularise public transportation. On the contrary, the number of cars seems to be increasing steeply. There is no concept of hybrid cars/small utility vehicles. As an oil-importing country, why are we encouraging automobile manufacturers? And why are we not looking at alternative sources of fuel?

K.M. Lakshmana Rao, Visakhapatnam

The decision will only cause more hardship and inconvenience to the common man already struggling to make both ends meet. The government needs to reconsider the decision of empowering oil companies to make decisions and revert to the old practice of fixing oil prices.

S. Bakthavathsalan, Chennai

The government has to looks at ways to reduce fuel consumption. Why are we allowing an indiscriminate addition of two- and four-wheelers, being popularised by media advertisements? In Singapore, car ownership is made difficult under State policy. And it has a world-class public transportation system.

V.N. Ramachandran, Vadodara

We are being made to pay the price for the inefficiencies of the state-owned oil companies. The government must recover the ill-gotten wealth from the numerous scams rocking the country and help the common man tackle the inflationary trends.

If there is no relief, the population will express its displeasure — at election time.

A.C. Krishnan, Chennai

It is time the government thought of dual pricing. Subsidised fuel (petrol and diesel) should be made available only for public transport vehicles including autorickshaws. All other consumers, including the government, must be made to pay more so that the subsidy can be directed where it should be: to kerosene and cooking gas.

M.C. Mohanan, Thrissur

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