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IPL gone? Jest relax

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Dear Agony Akka,

I am in a thoroughly depressed state. The pandemic is taking the hell out of me. Being trapped at home for so long feels insane. The constant staring of dad due to my lack of job and mom’s scolding because I don’t help her with anything at home are unbearable. From all this, the only entertainment and love I get is to watch IPL. Now my parents want to deny that too. Mom says she wants to watch her daily dramas and dad is addicted to news. It’s better for his health that he should not watch news. He is panicked by the coronavirus and worries more by watching news. How do I stop my parents from watching TV for their own good and instead allow me to watch what I love? Please suggest some ways.

— Signs of Depression

Dear SOD,

By the time you read this, the bad news would have already reached you. No more IPL.

Chee. What a disaster. I did not think that BCCI would be such losers. Imagine taking away India’s only source of entertainment. For so long we have been encouraging IPL organisers to keep on playing and playing and moving from city to city with their circus so that paavam Indian people stuck inside homes will have some source of fun and entertainment. So long they were listening but now they are scared because it seems 1-2 players have got infected. So what, I say. These are minimal numbers, why to panic? Even in Delhi High Court, government’s lawyer has told the judge not to get needlessly emotional about few deaths here and there, just wait. But nobody listens.

I fully understand your house situation. Father watches dreadful news and gets depressed. Mother watches dreadful TV serials and gets depressed. Moreover, they want you to get a job? And help with housework? All this is very wrong. I think lockdown is affecting them. You must explain that just having child is ample reward, not to expect more.

I think the best idea is to distract them. Can’t you encourage them to join some bhajan mandali? That will keep them busy for many hours in the evenings. Or maybe you can tell your father to make YouTube or Insta videos of your mother doing something? Anything is fine — making the bed, chopping vegetables, boiling egg, putting henna in hair. Whatever is filmed and put online means some million jobless people will watch with eyes peeled. Parents will become busy, you can do whatever you want. Which is nothing, as far as I can see.

Like you, I am also simple person. I just want to be happy all the time without worrying about corona this and covid that. Too much depression. I am sure even during bubonic plague era, when everyone was dropping dead like flies, some jesters and minstrels were going around spreading positivity. Later on, they would have also died, but that is occupational hazard. I am sure they did not mind. Nowadays nobody has sense of service for humanity.

IPL gone. Kangana also removed from Twitter. Life is looking bleak. But during such times, I always remember words of one great man. He was railway minister for ancient kingdom of Vistapur. Once when there was epidemic in the land, he scolded citizens and told them to keep demand for oxygen under control. Like that only I am telling you, keep demand for IPL under control. Till bubble comes back, keep seeing old matches on loop.

— AA

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