Not afraid of making mistakes: T.M. Krishna

Is it a sudden decision or a well thought out?

This was something I have been thinking about for a few years. I had taken a break from the season in 2010 and then started singing free concerts from the following year. These were attempts to create my own space within the season's framework. In this, I received understanding and support from the sabhas, and I thank them for that. But after great thought I feel that what the season has come to symbolize and where I see music do not go together and hence the decision. Let me make it clear that I am as imperfect and fallible as anyone else. Nor am I sitting on a high horse. I am just trying to figure things out.

What is the immediate provocation for this?

Absolutely nothing, no immediate provocation.

Only Chennai music season is a 'no no' for you or other music festivals also?

Like I have said on my Facebook post, I will not be singing in the Chennai Music season.

How do you view when people term you a rebel?

If calling me a rebel with or without a cause helps others slot me and tick me off as of a 'certain kind' who am I to say anything.

Is it that Mr. TMK is assiduously cultivating a constituency of his own?

I sing, write and speak on that which moves me. If I have made friends and enemies in the process, then it is part of the package.

Given your recent stand, is it possible we see artiste TMK turning into a social reformer or a politician?

I have changed as a person because of what music has given me, but I am not turning into anything. I will continue try my best to contribute to society in whatever way I can. This does not mean that I will become a politician or social reformer. These are again only meaningless tags. I know I will make mistakes but I am not afraid of making them.

Your quit decision, what kind of message is it sending out for younger artistes?

I apologize to them if they feel that my action in someway hurts their morale, but I am still going to be around singing! But I do hope they will grow and be able to create a more introspective music season.

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