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Full shame is coming, says J. Mathrubootham

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Respected Madam/ Sir,

Whether anybody is there who will not make mistake? Never. Human beings means mistake and all will happen. Important thing is whether we are learning from mistakes or not.

Madam/ Sir, as you are knowing very well, I am very much totally against Facebook and Twitter and WhatsApp and all. All waste of time and destruction of brain, and ruination of society. Full jealousy and back-biting behaviour.

Somebody will put on Facebook: “Friends by grace of god I have purchased new BMW car, this photo of car taken outside five-star hotel where we went for family dinner, food was very good but so much went waste because we ordered too much, hotel people said, ‘please take remaining food parcel to your house’, but we said, ‘no need already fridge is full of parcel from Taj Connemara, it will go waste.’ Next time, when we go there maybe next week — we are eating in five-star weekly in our family — we should order less food. Anyway please enjoy new BMW photo. God is great. All his blessings only.”

Son in Helsinki

Then somebody will put: “Oh my god Ms. Kanakalatha this is wonderful news. I think this is very good car. Last month I had gone to stay with my son in Helsinki and we did too much sight-seeing, by grace of god it is a blessing. During trip we took Uber car and it was many times this car only. I think in Finland many taxi-drivers are using this BMW car only. They are all saying it is excellent car. I am very happy for you. Hearty congratulations.”

And then Kanakalatha will reply: “Many thanks for your wishes Mr. Velmurugan. I am very happy to hear about your son in Helsinki. I hope god has blessed him and he is taking less alcoholic items compared to before. Do you remember Diwali party maybe 2008 he parked his car in the bathroom?”

And then Madam/ Sir, full one week they will fight with each other until somebody else puts photo and then new fight will start.

So when somebody is saying social media is the future of something-something, I will in my mind shout the choicest abuses. If social media is the future means no need for future, Mathrubootham is going to Mambalam Foot Overbridge and jumping in front of Shatabdi.

Then last week what happened? I will explain. Suddenly news came on retired bank employees WhatsApp group that Mr. Kapadia has passed away. He used to be manager of Surat branch where I went for deputation two-three times. It was very sad news. He was very nice man. Honest means honest. Hard-working means hard-working. Every bank function he used to sing. Unfortunately voice like sudden-braking water lorry.

Everybody said condolences and all. And then somebody said we should do something to support family. I think they have little financial problem. Anybody have any inputs?

Madam/ Sir, for three-four days input-o-input. My phone was vibrating like pneumonia patient. I said, “Kamalam, look at these fools. Just wasting time. Everybody will put ideas. But whether one fellow will do any work. If India can export ideas means richest country in the world, any doubt?”

But do you know what happened? Madam/ Sir, I was totally wrong. Within five days group is doing so many things for the family. They made bank account and deposit and all papers are ready and everything. One fellow went and did full accounting for Mr. Kapadia’s property and took care of all Kisan Vikas Patra and FD and everything.

Today, totally work is done for his family. All through WhatsApp only.

Madam/ Sir, first of all so much shame is coming for me. I thought what these people will do. Talk and talk only. Second of all, it is wonderful. If people are good, then technology is also good. No?

Yours in optimism,

J. Mathrubootham

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