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Sir/Madam, there are too many problems. That is the biggest problem.

Respected Sir/Madam,

You know what is the problem with this country? First of all there are too many problems. That is the biggest problem. Then there are other problems.

Ok ok, already you are thinking, morning itself old man will send letter about problems. This fellow will one day send happy letter also or just non-stop complaint like Tata Sky customer?

Mind your words. This is the other problem with this country. No respect for elders. Some Ranveer Kapoor shaniyan will wear buffalo on his head means aha, oho, fashion statement of the 21st century, he is the real leader of this generation, come let us all order buffalo on the internet. What if buffalo itself is wearing a small Pomeranian on its head? It will be even more trend.

But if retired public sector bank employee who totally sacrificed entire professional life for betterment of the nation says anything, you will laugh and laugh and say what you are talking old-fashioned talks like before liberalisation period.

This is why I have stopped talking to young people. No use. Sir/ Madam, what is your age? Are you below 40 years?

Anyway, all this is not the biggest problem. The biggest problem is something else. And that problem is: we will not solve any problem. Until it becomes international problem and then we will cry.

Sir/ Madam, I will give one example. Three four years back, one Mrs. Vatsala used to live on seventh floor. Whole day morning and night she used to use airconditioner. Maybe her full name is Vatsala Ambani Dorairaj. I don’t know. Maybe her meter was not working. Many years ago, when I was working in Dindigul, electricity meter stopped working in our branch, and electricity board fellow said will take three or four months to repair, enjoy for the time being. So branch manager opened small side business of rice mill-cum-cold storage in the strong room.

Breakfast time, you can see water falling from Vatsala’s AC. Lunch time also. Dinner time also. Non-stop water used to fall from her AC. Downstairs people started saying, Mrs. Vatsala please do something, water is falling all over our balcony, tourists are coming to take photo and swim in churidar. She said ok ok, I will repair.

Did she do anything? Will cobra stop biting if you give written application on stamp paper? Same answer.

Then during residents association meeting, I said we should put new rule, every house-owner should put leak pipe under AC. Will anybody listen? Never.

And now after four years, one engineer came for building inspection few weeks back. He said if you don’t spend lakhs and lakhs and repair the building, one day it will fall down and kill everybody. So much water damage because of AC leaking.

Now full residents association is fighting with each other.

Full and full India you will see the same problem. Some ladies will say hello, we want to go to Sabarimala. What you should do? You should do some discussions and meetings and try to find some compromise that will satisfy everybody. Agree or disagree, all ok, but at least have discussion.

But what we will do? Nothing, One big zero. Just screaming and shouting like buffoons. And then somebody will take the case to Supreme Court.

And now? Now everyone will cry and cry and get lathi charge from Kerala police.

This is the biggest problem. Problem means nobody should solve, it should go away by itself. But will it go? Ha ha ha. Next, everyone will complain to government.

Maybe Mr. Modi will make one more surprise announcement. He will say, my friends, situation is very bad for women in India. So I have decided. Within 24 hours, please return all ladies in India to nearest bank branch. Why not?

Yours in procrastination,

J. Mathrubootham

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