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Sir/Madam, aerodrome is best place in Chennai

Madam/ sir, aerodrome arrivals is the most wonderful place in all of Chennai, writes J. Mathrubootham.   | Photo Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Respected Sir/Madam,

Election. Politics. Fraud. Terror attack. Murder. Violence. Disaster disaster disaster. These days and all, newspaper is nonstop kali yuga only. What is difference between news programme and superhit film from 1974 The Towering Inferno? Only one difference: less people are dying in Towering Inferno.

All this and all unbearable. Sometimes in the morning after having tiffin and reading newspaper, I will call Mrs. Mathrubootham and say, Kamalam whether you agree with me or no that it is good we are old age and maximum 20 years left on this earth? Can you imagine what and all horrible things will be happening in 40 or 50 years’ time?

And Mrs. Mathrubootham will say, old man if you want you leave the earth in 20 years, I am still young. These days, there is matrimonial website for retired people also, I will do the needful. I will laugh and laugh on the outside but on the inside, I am deciding to carefully observe whatever she is doing on the Internet henceforth. Is this suitable behaviour for high society retired lady?

Good things

But madam/ sir, one wonderful thing happened few days back. And after this happened, once again little bit little bit little bit, I am thinking ok fine, good things are also there in this world.

What is that wonderful thing? I went to international aerodrome in Chennai. My friend Mohammad Usman was returning from U.S. trip and I told him on WhatsApp call, Usman, I will pick you up from aerodrome. He said, what nonsense Mathrubootham, one wife is not coming to receive me, what you are coming? No need to waste time, you please take rest after flu.

I said you please don’t worry about such things. It will also give me some timepass. So I went to aerodrome and reached arrivals section half an hour itself before landing time of Usman’s plane.

Madam/ sir, aerodrome arrivals is the most wonderful place in all of Chennai. Families are landing. Husband is meeting wife. Wife is meeting husband. Children are meeting parents. Parents are meeting grandparents. Taxi driver is meeting foreign customer who doesn’t know Indian rupee value whatsoever. Too much happiness.

Full, full reunion

I will tell you about one old lady. She came out of taxi and walked slowly slowly slowly like previous president Shankar Dayal Sharma to the handrail. One step. Then other step. Then other step. Then one more step. I thought old woman better for you to stand still, wait for earth to rotate in your direction.

Suddenly, she saw small girl, maybe granddaughter, coming out of arrivals. Suddenly, like Prabhu Deva, she is jumping and running and somersaulting to the little girl and full, full family reunion. Old woman is P.T. Usha for granddaughter. Too much sentiments came to me.

Then after few minutes later, one sardarji lady came with little sardarji boy. Maybe two or three years old. She said, look your father is waiting for you. Madam/ sir, so much comedy. Little boy ran to one man and said daddy! Mother said no. Then he went to next man and said daddy. She said no no no. Like that, after seven or eight time, he found correct father. Nearby everybody was laughing and laughing as if monoact.

Then finally, Usman came. I said hello Usman, welcome to Chennai. He said hello Mathrubootham, how is health and mood and all. I said everything is good. Mood is very good. Aerodrome is best place in all of Chennai. Where else in the whole world, you will find so much happiness. Maybe I will come once a week and just enjoy.

He said, Mathrubootham, what nonsense you are talking. This is not 1975 period. If you come every week, 100% they will say you are some terrorist or Maoist and put in jail. Come with me quietly, I have brought food items from U.S.

Yours in relaxation of mind,

J. Mathrubootham

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