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Papaya go we come

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Respected Madam/Sir,

Some bad news is there. Whether you are ready? Some self-control is there? Ok. I am saying today itself because I don’t want to give heart attack next week. Ok? Ok. Please sit down. Don’t get emotional.

Madam/ Sir, this is second last letter from Mr. Mathrubootham ok? Don’t get emotional. Please. This is second last letter. Next week is last letter. And then week after that? Total zero letter.

I said don’t get emotional. If you get emotional then I will get emotional and then everybody will get emotional and then it will become same as award-winning Satyajit Ray film where everybody is crying including audience because of waste of ticket money.

What is the reason for this? Madam/ Sir, next few months total life change like anything. First of all flat in Anna Nagar sale is complete. This week itself we are moving to one another flat. It is one rental flat near Mugappair. Small flat only. Single bedroom. It is behind the big water tank. Whether you have been to Mugappair West? Compare to Anna Nagar, it is like Jungle Book. Nothing is there. Water tank is there. But all that is ok. Because after one month or two months we are leaving Mugappair.

Where are we going? Madam/ Sir, myself and Mrs. Mathrubootham is doing wholesale shift to United States of America. All paperworks and all ready since Jambuvan period. But whether anybody will go to the U.S. when country is being ruled by Papaya President? No, no, thousand times no. But now Papaya is gone. And last week after family meeting we took decision with heavy heart.

After decades and decades in Chennai time to say good bye to Anna Nagar and say hello to New Jersey. Elder son and family are living in New Jersey in big house. He said, Appa you come and stay with us forever. I said forever and all we will decide afterwards. First we will come and stay for six months. And then if everything is ok then Amma and I will go for permanent transfer.

No stupidity

Madam/ Sir, all the people in housing complex are saying, Mathrubootham, you go immediately to U.S. Don’t even waste five minutes. Take flight tomorrow itself. What if some new Corona problem is coming and U.S. is stopping flight and all? You want to get stuck in this stupid Chennai or what? Don’t talk stupidity. Go immediately.

But Madam/ Sir, how you can leave Chennai just like that? Never. So we are slowly saying bye to 10,000 people every day. Already cancelled Tata Sky connection. One thousand million things we have to do next one-two months. Where is time to write letter and all? Mrs. Mathrubootham said, old man you please tell them two letters and then finished. Maybe once every three months you can send letter from U.S. But now please go and take care of bank account and electricity bill and all? Ok.

So ok it means time has come to say bye to you also.

But even for Mrs. Mathrubootham heart is melting like anything. And her heart is cold like Arun ice-cream factory.

So you please tell all the colleagues in the office that one more letter is coming. And then after that full tata bye-bye from Mr. Mathrubootham.

Sad feelings are coming.

Yours in exasperation,

J. Mathrubootham

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