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Decade-old nonsense: Mr. Mathrubootham on the 2010s

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Respected Madam/Sir,

Immediately I will ask one question, whether your esteemed newspaper is preparing oho aha whole-decade-has-finished type nonsense articles? 100% you are doing, don’t lie. How I know? Because Madam/ Sir, newspaper all young people and youths are only working in the office no? Any retired people are there? Never. Because first of all we are retired. Second of all retired people are not having cool factor and all.

Some new film will come in talkies and youth journalist will say this is amazing film, I have never seen such film before, landmark in history of culture. Retired person will say moodu thambi moodu. Your whole life is only 15 minutes long, have you seen Kappal Ottiya Tamizhan? No? You have seen nothing. Some buffoon made some stupid film in which people are going into each other dreams and doing Mohiniattam in slow motion means we should forget everything?

What youths are knowing about olden days. Two-three days back I went to photocopy shop to get birth certificate photocopy. In front of me in line two-three youths. I thought what these fellows have come to shop empty-handed? No papers, no nothing. Just standing like that as if museum. But when they came to photocopy man they said, “Uncle, give 2-3 printout, document is in email.” Photocopy man said, “No problem, printout ready.”

I went to the boys and said, “Thambis, what and all technology these days. How you people managed before mobile phone and internet and email and all?” They said, “Uncle, what do you mean before mobile phone and email? Ha ha ha. Which period you are from? Whether you are classmate with Raja Raja Chola? Since my birth itself, phone and email and all is there. Life before that I don’t care, it is your problem.”

Madam/ Sir, this is why I am saying your newspaper will publish some nonsense, ayyo 2010-decade-gone-away type lamentations and jeremiads. Instead you go and ask some retired person. Hello, Madam, how life has changed since last 20 years for you? Seruppu only will come. Same house, same family problems, same fruits and vegetables, same novels, same nonsense films, same traffic jam, same plumber and electrician doing fraud, same Tirupati Balaji listening some days, not listening other days. Same Suhasini has stopped acting in films. Same Goutami has also stopped acting in film. But whether hero actors will stop? Never, till tooth is coming out of nose they will act and act and overact. Same cricket is on TV morning and night. Same children behaving like nonsense. Same housing complex people having same chicanery thoughts. Same onion price rising, decency reducing but news programme shouting same. Same two Olympics gone and India is thinking next Olympics full medals. Same politician on poster. Same ladies are scared to go out at night. Same NRIs coming and telling I will show how to improve whole country within 15 days. And then after 15 days they are going back because too much humidity.

What has changed? Only date.

So please don’t put nonsense articles about 2010 decade. Instead you please see whether any improvements can be made in 2020 decade. If we start now maybe 2-3 improvements can happen.

Where is zero calorie, sugar-free rose milk? Where?

Yours in exasperation,

J. Mathrubootham

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