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There are merits to couple’s cleaning time, writes J. Mathrubootham

Respected Madam/ Sir,

Sometimes something will happen in life and you will think kadavuley, what karumam this is full peace of mind is gone. But then what is the true story? True story is totally different. True story is that so much peace of mind is coming that Guinness Book is also checking, hello Mr. Mathrubootham this is too much peace of mind.

What happened? No more suspenses. I will explain.

Tuesday morning itself Mrs. Mathrubootham came and said, “Old man, please do some housework. Whole day sitting and reading novel and watching news and cinema on DVD means house will clean itself?” I said, “Kamalam, breakfast idli has not even reached the stomach, before that itself you will start eating head for lunch?”

She came back with bucket and mug and said, “You please put water in all the plants in house. People are dying means plants should also die?”

Madam/ Sir, this is the beginning of the whole story. Like that, like that I went to balcony. Put water in plants. I went to kitchen. Put water in plants. I went to bedroom. Put water in plants. Then I went to front door. Nearby the lift two-three plants are there. Alive or dead nobody knows. There also I put off water. Then I told Kamalam all watering is complete. She said, “Don’t forget to put water in cactus on top of TV stand.” I said, “Every day you have to give water means it is cactus or buffalo? Better to get buffalo.”

Just then my mobile started making sound. I put the mug down and did some two minutes talk with dear friend Mohammed Usman. He said, “Mathrubootham, you want to watch some film on TV and talk on WhatsApp at the same time?” I said, “Of course any time ready, have you seen Seven Brides for Seven Brothers?” He said, “Never, I will purchase online.” I said, “Usman, dance means this only is dance. It is superhit.”

We set appointment for 4 p.m. Then Madam/ Sir, as I am turning to put phone down, my hand is hitting mug of water. Mug fell behind TV stand, one kaja-buja sound came, then boom-beem-boom. Kamalam came running like Ashwini Nachappa. What happened, she asked!

“Means what? Water falling on plug. TV gone. DVD gone. Optic fibre colour-changing table lamp gone. Internet router also gone. Nothing is working.” She grabbed bucket and mug and said, “Please sit quietly somewhere. Better you do nothing only. Hopeless fellow.”

Madam/ Sir, how to sit quietly in one corner? No TV. No DVD. Nothing. I tried to watch some internet items on phone. But Kamalam said, old man don’t use all internet, what if some emergency is there? I said, “Ok, ok.” Then I put phone call to electrician. But he cannot come immediately because of lockdown. “Sir, I will try for tomorrow,” he said.

Kamalam said, never mind please help me clean storeroom. After store cleaning, I said, “Kamalam, come to bookshelf, let us arrange novels properly in alphabetical order.” Then like that, like that we cleaned both Godrej almaris, changed sitting room sofa position, changed two-three fused bulbs, put new painting on wall near washbasin, cleaned pressure cooker washer in boiling water, then tried recipe for Punjabi lassi. Enjoyment means too much couple’s enjoyment.

Suddenly phone call came. It was electrician asking if urgent means he can get permission. I said, “Kamalam, leave it. Tell him to come tomorrow. No hurry is there.” One big smile came on Mrs. Mathrubootham face. As if Poornima Jayaram. Then we started to clean freezer.

Yours in domestic satisfaction,

J. Mathrubootham

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